Our brands for professionals

Our goal is to develop, manufacture and market reliable products designed for Nordic professionals across multiple fields. As a Nordic company with over a 100 years of history, we know the Nordic conditions and requirements for our products. Our extensive range includes solutions for professional and personal hygiene, construction, industrial adhesives and fireproofing under five different brands.

Kiilto Pro

With Kiilto Pro solutions, we blend environmental innovation with a strong commitment to the success of proud professionals in construction, industry and professional hygiene.

Our ambition is to provide sustainable solutions that make you successful. This is why we operate locally, knowing local conditions and developing new solutions constantly. To secure close co-operation we maintain product development and manufacturing in the Nordic countries.

Kiilto Pro solutions are created for a long lasting relationship where quality products are always combined with high level, industry specific experts willing to go the extra mile for you.

Kiilto Pro professional hygiene selection includes high-quality products and solutions for various industries and applications requiring a high level of hygiene. The detergents, cleaning agents and equipment included in our selection are specifically developed for professional use. In addition to our Kiilto Pro selection of professional hygiene products, we offer also dosing systems and dispensers for various needs.

Kiilto Pro products and services play an important role in various industrial adhesion and fireproofing. Our solutions ensure the implementation of the most demanding technical processes securing production-efficiency. Industrial adhesives and fireproofing solutions are always developed in close collaboration with the customer.

For construction Kiilto Pro offers wide range of products for professional indoor construction. In addition to high-quality products for various phases of construction, we provide professional trainings and technical support based on country-specific requirements.   

Erisan Pro

The Finnish Erisan Pro offers a versatile range of fragrance-free skin cleansing liquids, hand disinfectants, moisturizers, and other personal hygiene products developed for professionals and customers. The quality and gentleness make Erisan Pro a reliable choice for those who value safe effectiveness without compromising on skin well-being. It is a promise of nurturing protection, especially for sensitive skin. Choose Erisan Pro when you want to provide your employees and customers with first-class hand hygiene.

The quality of Erisan Pro products is based on understanding Finnish working conditions and supporting skin well-being. The first fragrance-free product targeted at the healthcare field was developed already 50 years ago. The cornerstones of product development were cleanliness, safety, healing properties, and efficiency. From the beginning, the products were fragrance-free and free of colorants, and only ingredients that did not irritate or cause sensitization were approved. These same principles still guide the Erisan Pro product line today.


DAX is our Swedish brand for personal hygiene products and has been used and well known in the healthcare sector for more than 50 years.

Well-being starts with good personal hygiene, and it affects everyone every day. DAX hygiene products are developed by our experts and tested together with our customers to ensure that they meet the highest professional requirements. DAX products are developed for public procurement and meet e.g. the procurement authority’s requirements. DAX are products developed for professionals, but accessible to and used by everyone.

Through close collaboration with our customers, we learn from their experiences and challenges. It gives us the insights we need to develop truly well-thought-out solutions that make the working day smooth and safe. In this way, we minimize risks and stay one step ahead.

Indisputable protection and customer safety is the guiding star for all DAX product development and with commitment we ensure our customers’ personal hygiene needs and strive to make their working day as easy and safe as possible. We help our customers, and their customers, feel safe and stay healthy. ​Infection prevention is complex and technically challenging, but we make it easy to understand and trust our solutions, so that you, the user, can focus on what you do best.


Antibac®, which is our Norwegian original disinfection, has a history that goes all the way back to 1922 when Vinmonopolet (the Wine Monopoly) was established and the only liquor sold during the prohibition period was spirits for health purposes. Antibac® has long traditions of being a market leader in disinfection in the health care sector in Norway, and has developed a unique expertise in this field. Antibac® has long since become synonymous with safety and quality and has become a natural part of everyday life for very many health care workers.

In addition to user-friendly and effective solutions, Antibac® products have a mild scent and ensure that frequent use does not lead to dry hands. Antibac® disinfection is developed to have the greatest possible effect on bacteria, viruses and yeast, while protecting the skin as much as possible.

Our laboratory has researched a compound that also moisturizes the skin without making the hands feel “sticky”. The consistency makes the liquid easy to rub in, and it reaches down into all furrows and skin lines. The unique formula makes the Antibac® products effective and pleasant to use – a direct result of our laboratory’s research on the effects of different alcohol compositions.


Our Danish brand Plum is a range of products produced at our factory in Denmark. It includes hygiene and first aid solutions for professional use. Plum is a highly recognized brand with over 60 years of experience, particularly in the healthcare sector, industry, crafts, and food industry.

Today, Plum is a large product brand, through which we offer a wide range of products to almost all professional segments in Denmark. It is known for effective and user-friendly solutions for professional hygiene, especially with a wide range of hand hygiene products and dispenser solutions.

Plum offers solutions that contribute to a safe and healthy work environment. And it all starts with knowledge. We have close collaborations with dermatologists, safety organizations, and advisory bodies, and this knowledge is transformed into effective products and solutions that are accessible and easy to use in everyday life. Plum prioritizes the skin’s demand for mild ingredients as highly as the effectiveness of the products, while also being continuously developed with consideration for the environment and future generations.

An environmental focus is inherent in the Plum products, and not only quality but also the environment is considered in all processes. Both in production, in the products themselves, in the use of the final products, and in their disposal.

Plum is more than a brand. Ultimately, our focus is on user satisfaction. That is what we strive for every day. Both in the professional solutions, that Plum offers and in the guidance that always accompanies them.