Hygienic kitchen surfaces

Hygienic and safe kitchen surfaces are achieved with effective products, hygiene level monitoring and a good level of personal hygiene.

Ensuring safety with hygienic surfaces

Kiilto helps you to achieve hygienic and safe kitchen surfaces with effective products, hygiene level monitoring and a good level of personal hygiene. The hygiene of the kitchen surfaces is vital in ensuring the safety of the food prepared in professional kitchens.

Paying attention to safe surfaces means that everyone must take their own responsibility and continuously take actions towards more hygienic surfaces. Disinfection of surfaces between different food preparations, proper use of kitchenware, dishwashing and HACCP overview, are things to keep in mind. Mind your workstation and your tools, take personal responsibility of making it safe for everyone by caring for both personal and surface hygiene with proper measurements of cleaners according to instructions. To enhance surface cleanliness, remember spray-wipe-spray method or if you are using wipes, wipe-discard-wipe.

Kiilto offers comprehensive products, machines and service ranges for:

  • surface cleaning and disinfection
  • Surface hygiene testing
  • Removing calcium deposits
  • Drain cleaning