Cleaning of kiosk, terrace or outdoor restaurant

As summer approaches, outdoor terraces and kiosks will be filled with customers that want to enjoy the sunshine and delicious food. Good hygiene will help to ensure that your customers can enjoy a carefree meal experience also outdoors. Check out our tips for a clean summer season!

The outdoor terraces will be filled with customers in the summer, and the warmer the weather the longer the queues for ice-cream. Summer assistants help out to keep up with the higher demand, but they must also have time to keep things hygienic and tidy. Keeping the restaurant’s terrace furniture, the kiosk and outdoor restaurant clean is easy when you have the right cleaning agents and equipment. Finnish-made Kiilto Pro cleaning agents get rid of dirt, grease and pollen effectively also outdoors. Cleaning instructions for a terrace, kiosk and other place where food is served help you and your staff to ensure proper hygiene and a clean and safe meal also outdoors. See a printable version of our instructions for summer assistants at the bottom.

Cleaning instructions for kiosk, terrace or outdoor restaurant

Ready-to-use cleaning agents make cleaning quick and easy

As the high season is in full swing, it is important to ensure that your staff has time to focus on serving your customers well. That’s why especially small kiosks should favour quick-to-use cleaning agents that require no diluting. This also improves occupational safety when employees do not have to handle cleaning agent concentrates in confined spaces.

Choose multipurpose cleaning agents

By using versatile cleaning agents, you will keep the number of packages to a minimum and keep cleaning simple. For example, by choosing Kiilto Pro Superquick Spurt all-purpose cleaner, you can use the same product to clean sales counters, customer tables and chairs, and glass surfaces and display cabinets. If you have to wash dishes by hand outdoors, Kiilto Pro Neutra L is a mildly fragranced product that can be used to wipe water-resistant surfaces and also wash dishes and ice-cream scoops.

Remember to disinfect surfaces

Surfaces that are touched frequently, such as payment terminals, door handles, should also be disinfected outdoors to prevent infections. We have products to clean and disinfect surfaces in one go. The fragrance-three and efficient Kiilto Pro Antibact is suitable for the disinfection of all types of surfaces. If you are looking for a ready-to-use product, Kiilto Pro Easydes Spray does not have to be diluted. Surfaces coming into contact with food, such as cutting boards, must be wiped after use with a damp cloth.

Invest in high-quality cleaning equipment

Wiping customer tables and chairs is a part of daily routines, but do not forget about other surfaces. When glass surfaces and display cabinets are cleaned regularly, ice creams, and other treats look even more appetising. Remember to sweep up any loose rubbish daily or whenever necessary. With high-quality tools, this is easy. Learn more about our cleaning equipment, here.

Focus on the hands – both your own and those of your customers

Good, personal hygiene is always important when in contact with food. You should wash your hands often and also disinfect them if necessary. You can also wear disposable protective gloves. Change gloves into clean ones often enough and whenever going from one work stage to the next.

You should also provide hand disinfection for customers. If you have disinfectant available at the sales counter, customers can disinfect their hands before enjoying their ice cream or any other product. Remember also that a healthy skin is the best protection against viruses. Moisturising your hands helps to keep the skin healthy and prevent pathogens from causing problems also in the summer.

Regular testing for better hygiene

Self-monitoring is an important part of keeping things clean. When you know how good hygiene is achieved, it is easy to address any problems. Hygicult TPC is a Finnish surface hygiene test with stringent quality requirements that gives you reliable results quickly and easily. Orion Clean Card Pro quick test has been designed to monitor surface cleanliness and protein residues.

Instruct your staff

When all employees know what is expected of them to maintain cleanliness and hygiene, customers are guaranteed a pleasant visit and the next shift will get off to a good start. Print out our cleaning instructions for your employees!