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Because the continuous processes in paper and board manufacturing have high production volumes, process disruptions can be very costly.

Paper and cardboard rolls are typically delivered for further processing in rolls that can be wrapped with fibre-based materials. The rolls may be transported by sea to other continents. Varying humidity and temperatures during long sea voyages place high demands on the adhesive.

In the manufacture of various fibre-based functional laminates, the choice of adhesive must also take account of the requirements of the final product.

Examples of our adhesive solutions

Adhesives for roll wrapping

Roll wrapping glue must be suitably flexible while still creating a strong bond. Adhesives with a lower working temperature are safer, more environmentally friendly and less likely to lead to the accumulation of scale on the equipment surfaces. Blue dye can be added to the adhesive to facilitate visual inspection.

Adhesives for laminates

Paper-based laminates are increasingly being used to replace plastic films. Depending on the application, the adhesive may be required to be heat-resistant or moisture-resistant.

Adhesives for tissue papers

Several different adhesives are needed to make tissue papers, starting with the manufacture of the cardboard core and ending with a water-degradable laminating adhesive. In addition, pick-up and tail glues are special glues that must peel off the paper without any friction.

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