Industrial cleaning machines

Cleaning machines play a crucial role in supporting the implementation of hygiene standards. From our diverse range, you can find solutions that ensure cleanliness easily, effortlessly, and efficiently in various industrial settings.

How to choose the appropriate cleaning machine for an industrial facility?

The ease of use, ergonomics, and efficiency of machines are crucial factors in selecting a professional cleaning machine. Different types of machines complement and support each other, enabling comprehensive cleanliness along with other hygiene solutions. Our range of cleaning machines is designed to be simple, ensuring their regular use. Machine functions start with just one button, after which the user only needs to focus on maneuvering.

Vacuum cleaners and single disc machines for professional use

Vacuum cleaners are used for removing debris and dust. A water vacuum cleaner is an excellent tool for removing liquids from surfaces. A water vacuum cleaner is needed, for example, to remove cleaning solution residues during floor cleaning. Floor maintenance machines are used when mechanical cleaning needs to be enhanced, such as during basic cleaning. A floor maintenance machine, along with a water vacuum cleaner, forms an unbeatable team for cleaning and removing solutions.

Scrubber dryers for industrial use

Scrubber dryers both clean and maintain hard floor surfaces. They also finish the job by efficiently drying the cleaned surfaces without the need for additional steps or tools. You can explore our full range of scrubber dryers here.

Textile washing in food industry

Washing of cleaning textiles

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The washing of cleaning textiles, such as mops and cleaning cloths, is efficiently handled in a professional-grade washing machine. A tumble dryer ensures fast and hygienic drying of the laundered equipment without waiting time. A heat pump-equipped tumble dryer saves energy and speeds up the drying process. Our full range of machines for textile washing can be browsed here.

Other cleaning machines for industrial needs

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The choice of machine model depends, for example, on the size of the space, the amount of furniture, and the frequency of cleaning cycles. Get in touch and describe the facility, for which you’re looking for cleaning machines. Our experts will assist you in selecting the appropriate machines.