Cleaning locker room areas

Locker rooms are spaces that demand high hygiene and where clean and dirty spaces meet. Critical points are e.g. contact surfaces and floors. In these premises, it is usually sufficient to achieve a good level of hygiene with wiping methods and cleaning the floors with a scrubber dryer.

The working order of cleaning locker room areas

Note that you will achieve the best results when loose dirt is removed from surfaces by mopping before using a scrubber dryer. Please also ensure the cleanliness of the toilet facilities adjacent to the dressing rooms following the aseptic workflow. If you are looking for instructions on cleaning the toilet facilities connected to wet areas, refer to our wet area cleaning guidelines.

  1. First, remove possible secretion stains
  2. Empty trash containers and refill the papers
  3. Wipe contact surfaces, i.e. doors, door handles, countertops, light switches etc.
  4. Clean the lockers and wipe the seats using a furniture mop
  5. Remove loose dirt from the floor by mopping or sweeping with a dryer
  6. Clean the floor with a scrubber dryer, and mop the edges

If necessary, remove dust from on top of the lockers, coat racks, lamps etc.

Recommended products for locker room areas:

Cleaning sanitary facilities

Clean and hygienic toilets increase the visitors’ comfort. The cleanliness of the toilet facilities has been found to affect the users’ assessment of the entire building. The critical points in cleaning the toilets are contact surfaces and material (paper, soap) supplements.

In the cleaning of the toilets, choose products that effectively remove greasy dirt and prevent limescale deposits from adhering to surfaces. You can find our product selection for professionally cleaning toilets here. Use good-quality, microfiber cloths and abrasive tools. If possible, use a scrubber dryer in daily cleaning to improve the cleaning result. In manual methods, microfibre cleaning textiles are an essential part of producing a good level of hygiene.

  1. Check and refill paper products and soaps
  2. Empty and clean the trash containers
  3. Apply an adequate amount of the detergent into the handbasin and toilet seat and spread the detergent with a brush
  4. Wipe all of the surfaces clean by using a microfibre cloth, turning the cloth over and using a clean side when moving to the next surface
  5. Wash the handbasin and tap with a brush and then rinse thoroughly and dry them, next do the same for the toilet seat and urinal
  6. Clean the floor with mop or a scrubber dryer if possible

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