Creams and lotions​

Healthy skin that is kept in good condition is the best possible protection against pathogens

Caring for dry skin

Hands are among the parts of the body most affected by dryness. The skin becomes rough, and small, painful wounds can easily develop on the fingertips. Regular moisturising of the skin helps keep the hands supple and the skin’s lipid layer protected.

Frequent washing of the hands can dry the skin, especially during wintertime. Good hand hygiene–that is, careful hand washing and disinfection–is the most effective way to prevent the spread of various diseases, which means that the hands must be washed frequently despite potential drying of the skin.

Many products are available to care for the hands while taking skin sensitivity into account. To wash the hands correctly, liquid soap is first applied and then the hands are rinsed and thoroughly dried. When choosing liquid soaps, it is important to choose a product that cares for the skin and is as gentle as possible while also being effective. Erisan Pro products are developed for professionals who need to wash their hands often. In product development, special attention has been paid to therapeutic properties, and the Erisan Pro products have been approved by the Allergy, Skin and Asthma Federation.

Even when a caring soap is used, however, repeated washing may still leave the skin dry. If the skin is particularly dehydrated or sensitised, a good alternative is Erisan Pesuvoide washing cream, which has been developed for delicate and thin skin. Rubbing of the skin should be avoided–the hands should be washed and dried gently by patting instead of rubbing.

If water is not available, the hands can be disinfected with a hand rub or disinfection wipe. All Erisan Pro antiseptic hand rubs are developed and manufactured in Turku, Finland, and the safety of the raw materials used in their manufacture is ensured. It is important to take enough time to disinfect the hands–they are disinfected only after the disinfectant has dried completely. For the removal of visible dirt, washing with soap is always recommended.

Healthy skin protects itself against weather conditions and impurities by developing a protective and moisture-binding lipid layer on the surface. After washing the hands, they should be moisturised, especially if they are washed frequently or if the skin is already dry. If the skin is irritated or particularly dry, hand cream should be patted onto the skin instead of rubbing. The most important features of hand creams are the skin protection provided and the moisturising ability of the cream. Caring for the skin and regular use of creams also prevents skin problems.

Fragrance-free creams are the safest option for all skin types. Erisan Pro moisturisers are fragrance-free and have been granted the Allergy, Skin and Asthma Federation’s Allergy symbol. If spreading hand cream on the skin causes a burning sensation, this is usually a sign that the surface of the skin has been broken and a more therapeutic hand cream with a higher oil content should be used. If the burning sensation persists and the skin is irritated and red, it is advisable to contact a dermatologist.