In accordance with our Promise to the Environment, we support various forms of social and environmental ventures.


Our Promise to the Environment and  2080 vision guide our partnership activities. In accordance with these, we support various forms of social and environmental ventures as well as art and cultural endeavours. Within these areas we collaborate for instance with actors engaged in promoting social or environmental responsibility, young prospects, organisations and associations active at youth level as well as various educational institutions.

Environmental responsibility

Environmental focus through our Promise to the Environment is a part of our culture and reflects the way we think and evaluate all actions, including partnership choices. In line with this, we support projects or actors that benefit the environment through for instance sustainability, protection or conservation of the environment. Our long-term partners include the John Nurminen Foundation and the Archipelago Sea Network.

Social responsibility 

Within the area of social responsibility, we support associations, organizations or other actors or projects that benefit the society, emphasize youth work, provide or support children’s free time activities or act in the field of art or culture.

Children’s free time activities and young prospects. For us, it is important that children and young people have varied opportunities for hobbies and sports, regardless of their family finances. Our partnerships are focused on sports and leisure activity clubs that actively engage with youths and children. We also sponsor promising young sportspeople who are aiming for the top.

A joint donation from Kiilto and Insta to support young people’s mental health

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Art and culture. We support art and culture in various ways. For instance, we have supported young artists by organising art competitions and buying their works for our offices in our countries of operation. We have also granted Kiilto Family Art Stipends to students from our long-standing partner, the Academy of Fine Arts at the University of the Arts Helsinki.

Collaboration with educational institutions. We are involved in a range of collaborative activities with various educational institutions, universities and colleges. We offer stipends, open-door events, internships and opportunities to complete a thesis or final project with us. We don’t sponsor student overalls.

Kiilto Family arranges art competition for students of Academy of Fine Arts

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Have a partnership proposal?

We generally engage in long-term partnerships and are not actively seeking new partners at the moment. However, if you have a proposal, you can apply for a partnership with us by contacting us through our country sites listed in the upper right-hand corner. Unfortunately, we cannot respond to every application. We’ll get in touch if we want to hear more about your proposed collaboration. Thank you for your interest in Kiilto!