Surface cleaning and spot polishing of floors

When the agreed-upon cleanliness level of the floor is no longer achieved, it's time to perform surface cleaning. Embedded dirt and any existing protective agents are removed, after which the cleaned surface is treated with a care agent or polish. Alternatively, dry buffing can also be done on the surface.

Surface cleaning can be done instead of removing the floor polish when the surface of the polish is not worn throughout. The purpose of this method is to remove adhered and ingrained dirt that regular daily cleaning methods can no longer handle. It can also revive the worn protective surface. Surface cleaning is done using a single disc machine or scrubber dryer with a red or blue pad. Before starting, ensure that the necessary products, machines, and equipment are within reach. Check out our range of cleaning machines here.

The steps for surface cleaning the floor

Start by mopping dust and loose dirt from the floor surfaces. Apply the cleaning solution to the surfaces with a scrubbing mop and let it sit for a few minutes. In our selection, you will also find biodegradable cleaning agents for surface cleaning floors, such as Kiilto Pro Vieno Non-perfumed all-purpose cleaning agent from our Natura series.

Carefully clean the area with a single disc machine or a scrubber dryer and a red pad. Ensure that the machine’s suction nozzle is up. Then, vacuum the solution thoroughly from the surfaces with a wet vacuum. Dry the surface by running the single disc machine or scrubber dryer over it. During drying, the machine’s suction nozzle should be down. Finally, wipe the floor with a cleaning cloth dampened with clean water or run the scrubber dryer over it once more.

Floor spot polishing or dry buffing

You can perform spot polishing on the surface-cleaned area if necessary. In spot polishing, apply a single layer of polish to a dry and clean floor, focusing on worn-out areas.

Instead of spot polishing, the surface-cleaned floor can also be dry buffed. Dry buffing involves using a high-speed single disc machine to compact the clean floor surface, harden it, and remove scratches.