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Window and exterior door industry

In the window and door industry, adhesives used in the manufacture of blanks must be of such a quality that it helps guarantee the service life of the product for decades.

Windows and doors must be able to withstand year-round weather conditions. Kiilto’s adhesives have been developed to withstand the demanding northern climate.

Continuous production development guarantees a competitive edge. Optimising the gluing process is a matter of continuous development, where an optimised reduction of, for example, ten seconds from a single clamping cycle brings about a significant increase in productivity over the course of a year.

Kiilto’s M1-certified adhesives also enable partners to manufacture top-quality products for indoor air quality.

Examples of our adhesive solutions

Adhesives for finger jointing

High-quality finger jointing requires good breaking strength and weather resistance, and accurate application. Our D4 range of adhesives includes customised solutions for both face and side finger jointing.

Adhesives for face lamination

The adhesive used in face lamination must meet the specific requirements of each pressing technique. The main advantage of high-frequency pressing is its speed. Our D4 class adhesives for high cycle pressing are ideal for these needs. The adhesive must perform equally well in all weather temperatures. Our D4 adhesives are among the most stable in the industry.

Door frame gluing

In door assembly, the gluing process is critical to the quality of the exterior door. By taking into account the structure of the door and the materials used, we can provide a tailored adhesive chemistry for high-quality and efficient manufacturing of exterior doors.

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