Parts cleaning in steelmills

Steelmill solution for parts cleaning

High quality detergents for washing parts before maintenance to ensure needed cleanliness. The right detergent ensure the good purity of the parts, reduce the amount of production waste and improve safety at work.​

  • Best washing properties for different kinds of industrial dirt
  • Long effective operation time
  • Safe for the user and environment​

Parts cleaning agents

Wide range of detergents for washing parts in steel industry. Alkaline or acid detergent to ensure the best result for every process.

Spray washing machines

  • Low consumption​
  • Wide temperature range​
  • 1 / multi stage machines​
  • Corrosion protection​
  • Easy to separate oils

Ultrasonic washing machines

  • Specially for ultrasonic​
  • Good disperse capacity​
  • Corrosion protection​


  • Fast acting detergents​
  • Easy to rinse​
  • Also for pressure washers​
  • Leaves no residues