Let’s build a sustainable future together!

Kiilto Ventures is an agile partner in building a sustainable future. We invest in innovations that push the boundaries of our current businesses in the fields of industrial adhesives and fireproofing, construction and professional hygiene.​

We are part of Kiilto, a growing family-owned chemical solutions market leader, with a hundred years of history and a vision looking ahead to 2080. ​

Together we boost the early growth stage of start-ups with passionate founders and researchers – people who are shaping the future by applying sustainable, data-driven technologies.

When you grow – we grow​

Exploring new opportunities has been sacred to Kiilto since the very beginning. We are committed to bringing you long-term value and taking your company to a commercially viable stage. ​

Our 100 years of top-notch expertise in RDI, business development and sales will help you speed up product development and growth and reach leading market coverage in Northern and Eastern Europe as a part of Kiilto’s solution and service portfolio.

Pursue your own dreams ​

Ambitious founders are driven by purpose and entrepreneurial spirit, which we nurture with all our heart and means.​

With us you maintain the freedom to run your business. Our role is to support you in reaching success. No matter what challenges your business goes through, we’ll face them together.

Be the one to make an impact – join us!

Since the beginning our start-up spirit has helped us shape the future every day. ​

We are on a mission to build a sustainable future and strive towards environmental leadership. If you are eager to share our dedication, it’s a perfect time to act.  

Let’s talk!

We are keen on collaborating with talented people, who are determined to change the world and fun to work with. We provide added value through our experience, network, know-how and resources.

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Chief Business Development Officer
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Venture Development Lead
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Committed to bringing long-term value

We invest in sustainable, data-driven innovations at the outer horizon of industrial adhesives and fireproofing, construction and professional hygiene. We measure our investments based on the strategic value that they create for Kiilto, in terms of creating novel sustainable business – investment return targets are secondary.

Take a look at our portfolio companies:


Betolar is a Finnish materials technology company that offers sustainable and low-carbon concrete production with Geoprime®. The solution converts several previously unused high-volume industrial side streams into a substitute for cement.

About the cooperation

Replacing cement with a more sustainable alternative is a challenge for the entire construction industry. Betolar has developed Geoprime technology, which leverages industrial side streams to create a viable alternative to cement. Kiilto’s ambitious goal is to replace cement as a binder with this material, first in floor screeds, extending the findings of this demanding product development later further into other cementitious products.

“Significant environmental benefits arise in two ways. Firstly, replacing cement with materials from industrial side streams will drastically cut CO2 emissions from the raw material, to as much as one-fifth of current levels. Secondly, the use of side streams in the production of construction materials significantly reduces the use of virgin natural resources.”

Betolar’s CIO and Founder Juha Leppänen

“We are thrilled to be developing these vital new environmental solutions together. This is one giant leap forward in our journey to environmental leadership in our industry.”

Kiilto’s Business Area Director for Construction, Miikka Haapa-aho

Origin by Ocean

Origin by Ocean is tackling the Baltic Sea eutrophication problem with an innovative solution. The company wants to refine algae into bio-based raw materials that can be used in novel ways in detergent products and cosmetics.

About the cooperation

We both have a strong belief in the future of hygiene and cleaning products that are bio-based and fulfil the requirements of sustainable development. The plan is to launch entirely new and versatile products that include ingredients refined by Origin by Ocean from Baltic Sea algae. 

“Kiilto’s strong commitment to sustainable development and the environment is an excellent starting point for our cooperation. This is our opportunity to work together with a big player.”

Origin by Ocean’s founding member, Chief Business Activist Mikael Westerlund

“We aim to double the amount of secondary raw materials in our production by 2022, so from a product development viewpoint, cooperation like this is extremely interesting and inspiring.”

Kiilto’s RDI Director Oili Kallatsa


Aiforsite is changing the construction industry using its strong expertise and technological know-how. Their mission is to solve the productivity problem in the construction industry without compromising on quality and occupational safety by halving the project lead time and doubling profitability.

About the cooperation

Our investment will provide Aiforsite the necessary resources to boost its growth and internationalization. Furthermore, Kiilto and Aiforsite will explore cooperation opportunities related to product development and commercialization that Kiilto’s network would provide.   

“We have a great solution and team on a global scale, ready-made plans for growth, and now sufficient resources to implement them. Now the feeling is like the track is open to successful cooperation and growth.”
Aiforsite’s COO Pyry Virrantaus

“The construction business is in an interesting stage where productivity, quality and resource efficiency can be radically improved. Aiforsite offers a holistic solution that can drive the development of the whole industry, and we at Kiilto want to promote and drive this kind of development.”
CBDO Ville Solja, Kiilto Ventures


CleanDet is a start-up company specialized in non-contact measurement of surface hygiene. It’s an Aalto University spin off company founded after the successful development of methods and techniques for detecting surface contaminants during the AutoDet project.

About the cooperation

We’re working together with CleanDet to test and develop the technology in different environments, with the aim to eventually have a commercially viable solution in hand.

“The requirements for surface hygiene vary depending on the application area – for example, standards for medical instruments in hospitals are different compared to standards for coffee shop tables. I would venture to say, however, that after the current virus epidemic, there will be a general tightening of hygiene monitoring standards. This kind of device would enable us to assure that a surface is hygienic and respond to problems as quickly as possible.”
CBDO Ville Solja, Kiilto Ventures

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