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Investing in early-stage startups that future-proof the built environment and regenerate nature.

Kiilto Ventures is the early-stage VC of Kiilto. We invest in ideas, startups and technology positioned to positively impact the built environment and our current business.

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Climate Change and Biodiversity

Our homes, offices and cities provide us shelter and belonging, but these human-made environments are responsible for 37% of global CO2 emissions.

Where we live, and how we construct and use buildings will define the future of about 6.5 billion people living in urban areas by 2050.

That’s why our relationship with land, water, and energy resources, and the waste and carbon produced within the built environment can no longer be ignored.

Poor Productivity

Construction is among the least digitized sectors in the world despite a market size of almost $13 trillion.

Annual labor-productivity growth has only averaged 1% over the past two decades, compared to 3.6% in manufacturing and 2.8% of the total world economy.

Improved efficiency, coordination, safety, compliance and profitability cannot be achieved without industry-wide adoption of digital construction technologies.

Sick Building Syndrome

Our buildings affect our health and wellbeing more than ever.

Today, we spend 90% of our time indoors. But 8 out 10 people are unaware that indoor air is up to 5x more polluted than what we breathe outside.

Living with indoor climate hazards like inadequate ventilation, excess temperatures, damp and mold, traffic noise and poor lighting doesn’t have to be the new normal.

Circular materials

Half of the raw materials we extract go into the world’s built environment.

This take-make-waste model puts EU27 + UK’s construction sector on pace to exceed its carbon budget of 1,5C by 2026.

We need get inspired by natural systems to implement circularity economy solutions at all scales – product, building, infrastructure and region.

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