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For the transportation industry, the greatest potential lies in utilising a wide variety of materials, such as composites, laminates, metals, or plastics. As our partner, you can be confident that our solutions will always represent the latest technical developments in the industry.

Increasing strength, lowering weight and improving insulation properties are the key trends in the transportation industry. When striving for continuous improvement, the challenge is to maintain high quality and flawlessness. When working closely with Kiilto, we can always find the correct adhesive solutions together.

Examples of our adhesive solutions

Adhesives for sandwich board manufacture

Production efficiency and turnaround time are key metrics in ensuring a competitive edge. Important areas of development include energy efficiency, structural lightness and environmental impact. In terms of production efficiency, the latest solutions include a multi-component system in which the drying speed of adhesives changes from one work stage to the next. This enables a short press time with complex structures as well.

Adhesives for assembly

Standardised products and operating procedures ensure a reliable end result. When using a variety of materials, a range of cleaning and priming treatments may be required. Carefully tested solutions make the end result strong and durable, without compromising on elasticity or leakproof properties.

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