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Choosing the pumpable floor screed

In order to choose the right floor solution, many matters must be taken into account right from the early planning phase.

Planning phase plays a key role

The groundwork for a cost-effective and sustainable solution is laid already in the planning phase. In order to choose the right floor solution and pumpable floor screed, many details must be taken into account. The better picture we have of the site-specific requirements, the better results we can achieve.

Choosing the right product

There are many factors to consider when choosing the specific pumpable floor screed. These include:

Planned activities

  • What kind of use will the spaces be used for? An optimal product will reflect the planned use for the premises, whether they be intended for residential, public or industrial use

Loads and strain

  • What kind of loads or strain will the floor be subjected to? This is affected by, for example, the use of any heavy machinery or equipment in the premises. In terms of ambient conditions, the possibility of freezing must also be taken into account.


  • What will be used to coat the newly levelled floor? What are the strength requirements? Among the various coating options are vinyl flooring and epoxy coating. If the floor is to be left uncoated, this will also affect the process.


  • What is the existing subfloor structure, and what is the goal? Options are, for example, a hollow core slab with a floating heated floor or cast-in-place construction that is then levelled.

Drying time

  • What is the schedule? Levelling the floor is only one of the many phases of a construction site. The next phases must be taken into account when scheduling the project.

Expert support by your side

We will help you determine the optimal floor levelling solution at the very beginning of the project. Our decades-long experience of floor levelling compounds and different sites is at your disposal.