Hand hygiene in the technology industry

Heavy and difficult dirt in the technology industry requires personal hygiene hand-cleaning solutions that are suitable for the industrial environment.

Cleaning heavy dirt from the skin

In industrial premises, cleanliness and personal hygiene are important for safety reasons, and also play a key role in preventing viral infections. Systematic hand hygiene is also important for ensuring the health and safety of staff. The difficult dirt often encountered in the industry needs to be cleaned with hand detergents developed for this purpose. With the right products, it is possible to clean off even heavier dirt such as lubricating oil, machine grease and paints. Abrasive and at the same time gentle products cleanse the skin, while also moisturising the skin.

Hand wash

Wash your hands thoroughly with water and soap. Rinse the hands thoroughly with water and dry with a disposable paper towel. If no water is available or it is not possible to leave the work area to wash your hands, the cleaning agent can also be wiped off with a paper towel.

Skin care and washing

After washing the hands, they should be moisturised, especially if they are washed frequently or if the skin is already dry. The most important features of hand creams are the skin protection provided and the moisturising ability of the cream. Caring for the skin and regular use of creams also prevents skin problems.

For everyday cleansing after the working day, liquid soap is suitable for washing the hands, body and hair. 


Disinfect your hands if necessary, for example before eating. Disinfectant is dispensed with two to three presses onto dry hands and rubbed in until the hands are completely dry.