Cleaning a sauna

The importance of maintaining a high level of hygiene in saunas cannot be overstated. Just like in spas and swimming pool areas, saunas provide a warm and humid environment that can quickly become a breeding ground for harmful microbes, especially with an increasing number of visitors.

Working order of cleaning a sauna

  1. First, remove possible secretion stains
  2. Remove loose dirt from the floor with a floor dryer or by rinsing and wash the floor drain
  3. Rinse the wooden boards and the washable parts of the vertical surfaces with warm water, and apply the cleaning agent solution
  4. Wash the surfaces with an abrasive tool, remove the cleaning agent solution with a dryer
  5. Rinse the surfaces with warm water, the last rinse with cold water, and lastly dry the surfaces from top to bottom
  6. Spread the cleaning agent solution on the floor and wash the floor with an abrasive tool, in larger spaces use a single-disc machine or a scrubber dryer
  7. Rinse and dry the floor

Recommended products for saunas:

Please note that these instructions are for cleaning public saunas with professional methods.

Cleaning steam saunas or infrared saunas

If the usage rate of a steam sauna is high (for example during peak season), it must be washed several times a day. In daily cleaning surfaces are washed with a disinfecting cleaning agent. Deposits easily accumulate on the surface of the steam room, which can be removed with an acidic cleaning agent.

Infrared saunas must be cleaned according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Pay attention to the special requirements of infrared devices. As a cleaning agent, a general cleaning agent is often enough, and the method is wiping and mopping.

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