Health Technology

Kiilto monitors the development of technology and applies it into new innovations in preventing and reducing HAIs. The focus is to utilize new technologies in devices, procedures and systems that help to improve the infection control and patient safety.

Health technologies cover all modern devices, medicines, vaccines, procedures, and systems designed to streamline healthcare operations, reduce costs, and improve the quality of care. Kiilto actively monitors the development of the industry and utilizes cleanliness-related innovations in healthcare.

Hygiene is a critical factor for well-being and safety in healthcare. Health technology offers new digital solutions that streamline current healthcare practices, utilizing modern ways to prevent hospital acquired infections and improve operations.

With long-term healthcare expertise and constant monitoring of the newest health-tech inventions, Kiilto supports healthcare providers in their digital transformation within their organizations, and helps to achieve targets related to high hygiene standards more effectively. Kiilto offers health technology solutions that genuinely improve everyday work and provide significant added value to healthcare.

Turn your hospital into smart hospital with Kiilto Pro Hygimon

Kiilto Pro Hygimon is an automated hand hygiene compliance monitoring system (HHCM) which guides healthcare providers in increasing their actual hand hygiene compliance. On-site data collection and evaluation with fast and reliable reports help infection control teams to improve quality and patient safety, which will reduce healthcare associated infections and their costs.