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Corrugated board and case manufacture

In corrugated board manufacturing, process reliability is vital. Kiilto's high-quality customised bonding solutions will ensure that the process runs smoothly at all times.

Production volumes are high in the manufacturing of corrugated boxes and cartons. However, the batches produced are often small, and the materials used, for example, may change frequently. An adhesive must therefore be versatile, able to cope with different machining speeds, materials and end-user requirements.

Examples of our adhesive solutions

Adhesives for cartons

The most common difficulties in the side gluing of cartons are related to the coating of the carton, such as varnish or ink. To bond these surfaces, adhesives with good plastic adhesion are needed.

Adhesives for cardboard boxes

Side gluing of cardboard boxes is a fast process, with tens of thousands of boxes being glued per hour. Gluing control can be enhanced by various means, such as machine vision, which is facilitated by the use of blue dye or an ultraviolet marker.

Adhesives for paper surfacing

Surfacing cardboard or carton with paper involves gluing the printed paper to the surface of the cardboard. To prevent wrinkling of the paper, the adhesive must be fast-acting and must be evenly applied. The optimised adhesive for this purpose also reduces the curling of the cardboard being surfaced.

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