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Pump levelling

When the area that needs to be levelled is large, pump levelling is an unbeatable option. What if you could acquire the service from a single partner who would take care of the whole project? Kiilto’s pump levelling service combines expertise of both chemistry and working methods into a seamless one-stop solution.

A controlled process from the factory to the site

A site-specific solution maximises cost efficiency and minimises the risks arising from demanding site conditions. Kiilto offers you a complete one-stop service solution: defining the optimal floor solution, a screed manufactured in one of Kiilto’s own factories, as well as delivery and pumping on site. This way you get the right amount of optimal material. Exactly at the right time and just as it should be.

Pump levelling service availability and details depend on market area. You can contact your local Kiilto sales representatives for more details about current availability.

This is how it works:

Defining a shared goal at the start of the project

For an optimal start into the project, our experts will help you to determine the optimal solution for your application early on. Make sure to contact us in good time.

A comprehensive solution from a single partner

Kiilto will be the only contract partner you need for the entire floor levelling project. Easy and simple. We will make sure that the project progresses as agreed from beginning to end.

We know screeds because we manufacture them

Kiilto has been manufacturing floor levelling compounds for decades. Our in-house Research & Development unit’s expertise of chemistry is at your disposal to ensure excellent results.

Advanced drying monitoring

We can enable real-time monitoring of floor drying by embedding sensors in the leveling compound during the casting phase. With the data, you get reliable information about the floor’s drying process and conditions.

Our services include:

  • Floor levelling for all sites, including any additional work required
    • Heated floors
      • Heating plans
      • Sheeting/piping
      • Pumping
  • Conventional floor levelling work
    • Apartment buildings, offices, hospitals
  • Floor levelling for sites subjected to heavy use
    • Industrial and public spaces
  • Finished floor level surveys
    • Groundwork and sealing
    • Grinding and milling
  • Levelling compound deliveries for contract work

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