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We work together with professionals to create safe surroundings in health care. Cooperation with local health care providers and our Nordic RDI are the basis for our sustainable solutions, responding directly to local conditions and needs.

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Our cleanliness and hygiene solutions support businesses and people in health care to create wellbeing and safety. They consist of wide range of extensively tested, high-quality products and services with proven efficiency. Environmental responsibility guides us in creating new ways to prevent hospital-acquired infections and maintain patient safety. As an industry leader, we are proud to offer our comprehensive range of health care solutions with decades of experience.

In health care, cleanliness is essential. Hygienic, healthy hands are the foundation of safe care. The cleanliness of tools and surfaces contributes to ensuring the security of customers and personnel. As our partner, you can trust our solutions to meet and exceed the required standards. However, our promise goes beyond our high-quality offerings. We want to support our customers with long-term cooperation, partnership and expertise.

Environmental aspects are important for Kiilto. We are committed to strive for environmental leadership within our field. Through our new environmental innovations, we want to support our partners to achieve their sustainability goals.

We prevent infections with proper hand hygiene

Together with health care professionals, we want to reduce and prevent hospital-acquired infections and improve patient safety. Proper hand hygiene is the leading measure against the spread of antimicrobial resistance.

We care about healthy skin

For an individual, good personal hygiene provides a feeling of comfort and cleanliness. Healthy skin offers also a natural barrier against chemicals and pathogens. For both health care professionals and their customers, we offer a variety of solutions to maintain and improve personal hygiene in health care facilities.

We protect through environmental cleaning

Environmental cleaning is not only a necessity in creating comfortable surroundings – it is a fundamental intervention for infection prevention and control. Our solutions help to maintain the best practices of cleanliness in health care facilities according to latest regulations and legislation.

We ensure high quality of instrument reprocessing

For health care providers such as hospitals, dental and veterinary clinics, the disinfection and maintenance of medical instruments play an important role in creating safety. Our extensively tested instrument reprocessing solutions ensure achieving the required hygiene standards for medical instruments and items.

We provide the latest innovations in the field

By constant monitoring of the newest health-tech inventions, Kiilto supports health care providers in their digital transformation within their organizations, and helps to achieve targets related to high hygiene standards more effectively. Kiilto offers health technology solutions that genuinely improve everyday work and provide significant added value to healthcare.

We support with our long-term expertise

Efficient cleanliness is based on the right choices of solutions and best way to work with them. Our services include technical service, product and hygiene training as well as expert assistance in finding the right hygiene solutions for various health care sectors.

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Environmental leadership

Our promise to the environment

The desire to be the environmental leader in our field of business guides our actions and results in Our Promise to the Environment. It is a part of our culture, the way we think and evaluate our actions. The promise is divided into four sectors that cover all our operations from every-day routines to innovations and from strategy to helping our customers in the field.

Environmental responsibility is built into our processes. The drive for continuous improvement shows in our efforts to use more environmentally friendly raw materials, to engage more in the circular economy, and to use energy efficiently.

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