Hygiene instructions to prevent the spread of norovirus

Noroviruses cause extensive and easily prolonged stomach disease epidemics, especially in institutions and the tourism sector. An effective way to control norovirus infections is to pay special attention not only to personal hygiene but also to enhanced surface disinfection.

Reduce the spread with enhanced hygiene measures

Noroviruses cause extensive and easily prolonged stomach disease epidemics, especially in institutions and the tourism sector. The required infection dose is low, and the virus is also resistant to the external environment. Noroviruses belong to the calicivirus family and are small, nonenveloped RNA viruses. Noroviruses are easily transmitted directly from one person to another, or indirectly through surfaces that are touched. They remain infectious on surfaces for a long time, and infection by airborne transmission is also possible. Contaminated food or water may also be sources of infection. The feces of a sick person contain an extremely large number of viruses.

To prevent norovirus from spreading it is necessary to pay attention to good hand hygiene but also to enhanced surface hygiene and disinfection.

Enhanced hand hygiene is necessary in case of infection and epidemics. It is recommended that you wash your hands before using disinfectant hand rubs wherever possible. When using hand rubs, special attention should be paid to using enough the substance. Rinse all parts of the hands thoroughly and continue to rub the hands together until they are dry. The alcohol disinfection time is the time it takes to dry. Viruses infect are transmitted mucous membrane contact, and therefore care must be taken in the removal of protective equipment as the hands are close to the mouth and nose.

In addition to personal hygiene, disinfectants should be used in the daily cleaning of level surfaces and contact surfaces. Cleaning must also be intensified in staff areas. Disinfection of excretion stains must be carried out as quickly as possible, as excretions such as vomit and feces contain many viruses. Nocospray -method is recommended and suitable for final cleaning. Spraying with hydrogen peroxide before and after cleaning is recommended. This protects both staff and subsequent users of the premises. Hydrogen peroxide dry steam disinfects all surfaces, including soft surfaces and materials. Kiilto’s product range contains numerous products that have been proven to be effective. The products in this instruction have been tested and approved for use in the recommended concentrations according to EN 14476 against the norovirus (MNV).

EN-tested disinfectants for surface disinfection and removal of secretions

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