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Kiilto SUPER Healthy Buildings Ecosystem

A call to collaborate on building an ecosystem around SUPER Healthy Buildings.

In case you missed our SUPER launch event!

By adopting a SUPER approach, we want to cooperatively create and commercialize innovations that contribute to a better built environment.


Green building materials like:

  • Low CO2 binders and materials, cement replacement
  • Fossil free feedstocks for adhesives


Digital and sustainable building processes like:

  • Material flows and work streams for local ecosystems
  • Energy efficient, low Co2 footprint wet rooms
  • Smart building sensors and processes


Maintaining healthy and green living through:

  • Sustainable flame retardants for wood without changing the appearance
  • Indoor climate analysis and emission encapsulation


Enabling construction circularity through:

  • Debonding on demand adhesive technology for materials and systems
  • Urban mining and reusability, buildings as material banks

The built environment is at the core of climate change and the well-being of people

Climate Change

The built environment is responsible for about 40% of global carbon emissions in a world that’s only 7,2% circular, according to 2023 estimates.

By 2026, the EU27 + UK’s construction sector will exceed its carbon budget of 1,5C as agreed in the Paris Agreement if the current way of doing business doesn’t change.

Healthy Living

Today we spend 90% of our time indoors, and by 2050 68% of the world’s population is projected to live in cities.

This brings construction closer to home. Mistakes made during different building phases lead to sick building syndrome, and premature deaths related to indoor air pollution.

Together, we have the knowledge and resources to make a difference as partners committed to the same future

We at Kiilto strongly believe in our startup spirit since 1919. This cultural cornerstone has helped guide how we innovate and cooperate for over 100 years.

With 8,4% of our personnel working in Research, Development and Innovation, and 44,700 B2B customers in construction, we have access to industry insights, new ideas and technologies, and end user problems.

Now we want to work towards aligning the strategies and initiatives of committed companies to increase the size, scale and impact of the SUPER ecosystem.

Kiilto Ventures, our early-stage VC, is looking for founders who are building startups that future-proof the built environment

Let’s talk more!

Raija Polvinen, Chief Ecosystem Officer