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Discover how you can contribute to building a Sustainable, Productive, Ecological, and Reusable approach to decarbonising the built environment and enhancing indoor living conditions.

Bringing together academic, startup and industry players interested in creating novel circular business models for the built environment

Today, the buildings where we spend 90% of our lives are responsible for 39% of global energy-related carbon emissions and have indoor air pollution levels up to 5x higher than those outdoors.

Addressing these challenges amid climate change, biodiversity loss, and rapid urbanization necessitates new collaborative relationships built on mutual openness and trust. This approach will accelerate the development and implementation of essential, SUPER solutions.

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With our solid foundation of connections and resources, we recognize that the true power of transformation lies in collaboration. We’re looking to team up with different research, startup and industry players to create and commercialize SUPER products, services, processes and businesses models that bring about positive impact as fast and as effectively as possible.

For the founders of tomorrow

Kiilto Ventures is the VC of Kiilto. We’re looking to invest in and support mission-driven, capable and resilient founders and early-stage startups tackling the biggest problems of the built environment.

SUPER Themes

SUPER Theme: Sustainable

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SUPER Theme: Ecological

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SUPER Theme: Reusable

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Our goals

PREVENTING Climate change

The built environment accounts for around 40% of global carbon emissions in a world that is only 7.2% circular, according to estimates from 2023.

By 2026, the construction sector in the EU27 and the UK will exceed the Paris Agreement’s carbon budget of 1.5C – unless current construction processes change.

CURING Sick Building Syndrome

Today, we spend 90% of our time indoors, and by 2050, 68% of the world’s population is expected to live in cities.

This makes construction an increasingly central place in our everyday lives. Mistakes made during the construction phase can lead to sick buildings and health problems linked to the indoor environment.

STOPPING Biodiversity loss

The built environment has been identified as one of the largest contributors to biodiversity loss, mostly due to the large material needs of the construction industry.

Between 2001 and 2023, commodity-driven deforestation alone resulted in 102 million hectares of permanent forest cover loss globally. That is equivalent to the landmass of Finland, Sweden, and the Baltic countries put together. This is especially significant, as forests act as the habitat for 80% of terrestrial species.

Our cultural cornerstones


We are guided by the desire to be environmental leaders in our field. We want to make a positive impact on the environment by considering it in all processes. We strive to continuously improve our operations from an environmental perspective.


Our working environment is built on trust, openness, positivity, and responsibility towards ourselves and others.


We work for the customer’s benefit first. With the help of comprehensive customer insights, we can offer the best customer experience.


We want to learn and keep trying something new continuously. Through courageous renewal, we want to ensure our customers stay at the front of developments.

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