Well-maintained floors

Floor maintenance is an important part of regular maintenance of premises. Floor maintenance not only enhances the comfort of the premises but also extends the life of the floors. Here you will find solutions developed for floor maintenance as well as cleaning instructions for professionals.

By regularly maintaining floors with appropriate products, their beautiful appearance can be preserved for longer, the comfort of the premises can be increased, and cleaning can be made easier. Well-maintained floors can also affect the value of the property.

What is daily cleaning?

Daily cleaning is regular cleaning that aims to maintain the agreed cleanliness level according to a plan that has been made in advance. The work order for daily cleaning varies slightly depending on the actions agreed with the customer. The daily cleaning plan typically includes the following measures:

  • Vacuuming
  • Cleaning of floors
  • Cleaning of stains and splashes
  • Cleaning of surfaces and sanitary facilities
  • Dusting

What is basic cleaning?

Basic cleaning is less frequent than daily cleaning. Like daily cleaning, basic cleaning is carried out according to a pre-agreed plan.

Basic cleaning is a rarely and thoroughly performed one-time cleaning that is necessary when the agreed cleanliness level can no longer be achieved with daily cleaning and care methods.

Choose cleaning agents and methods according to the floor material

The cleaned floor should be protected or treated according to the instructions given for the floor material to maintain the comfort of the premises and the value of the property for as long as possible. We also recommend the use of machines where possible to maintain beautiful floors.

Remember to use the correct cleaning agent, correct dosage, and correct methods to achieve the desired level of cleanliness. The most common challenge is that the floor material is unknown, making it difficult to choose the right products and cleaning methods for floor cleaning and maintenance. If you are unsure about the floor material, ask the property owner for more information or request an assessment from our expert.

Kiilto’s floor care instructions