SUPER Theme: Reusable

Projects and initiatives within the SUPER Ecosystem that pave the way for the circular transition

Enabling construction circularity to minimize resource extraction and waste generation

Areas of interest:

  • Debonding on demand (DoD) – adhesive technology for building materials and systems
  • Urban mining, recycling and reuse of building materials
  • Adaptive reuse technologies
  • Modular construction

Debonding on demand (DoD) – Adhesive technology for building materials and systems

Construction processes require the bonding of different elements together, such as building elements, as well as interior elements like tiles and laminates. The use of traditional bonding agents does not allow for the different components to be separated without risking damage, which leads to low repairability and modularity, increasing the frequency of total replacements and thus resource consumption. This course of action has proven to be detrimental to our environment, and unsustainable in the long term.

The technology behind DoD was conceived as a solution to this problem, enabling the reuse of building materials and components. The heat-induced debonding creates a new avenue for innovation and enables new business models and opportunities, speeding up the transition to a circular economy.


Joonas Kupiainen, Head of RDI (CON)