Care instructions for rubber floor coverings

Proper cleaning of rubber floors keeps the floor in good condition and long-lasting. The maintenance instructions for Nora® rubber floors help you take care of the floors in the best possible way.

Nora® rubber floor coverings are a popular choise for various properties, since they are durable and easy to keep clean. When a new nora® floor is installed, it is important to first perform the post-construction cleaning. This involves removing construction dust and other dirt that has accumulated during the building process. After this, the initial cleaning is to be done.

Initial cleaning of rubber floors

Please note that the initial cleaning can be done no earlier than two days after installation. The floor should not be washed until the adhesive used in the floor installation has completely dried. We generally recommend using Kiilto Pro Teho A 100, Kiilto Pro Sartek 2, or Kiilto Pro Rosita cleaning agents for the initial cleaning. The recommended product varies according to the surface material, so please check the material-specific cleaning instructions for detailed guidance.

Cleaning instructions for nora® floor coverings

In the material-specific work instructions, you will find cleaning instructions for the initial cleaning, maintenance cleaning, basic cleaning, and stain removal of different nora® floors. You can save and, if necessary, print the instructions from below.