Kiilto RDI

About Kiilto

Family-owned environmental leader in four business areas

Kiilto is a growing, family-owned company, with over a hundred-year history and a vision looking ahead to 2080. We develop, produce and sell chemical industry solutions in four business areas: construction, industrial adhesives and fireproofing, professional hygiene and consumer goods.​​​​​​​

We employ around 800 innovative professionals, Kiiltonians, and operate in 9 countries: Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Ukraine, the Baltic countries and Poland. This makes us a strong player in each of our market areas.

We take pride in our own research, development and innovation functions, which are the base for the agile and valuable cooperation with our customers.

We’ve been researching, developing and innovating ever since 1919.

This is just the beginning.

We are a family of around 800 Kiiltonians, creating well-being from cleanliness and building a sustainable future. 

We operate close to our customers in 9 countries, with production in 3 of them.

Kiilto in numbers

  • 800 Kiiltonians in 9 countries
  • 4 business areas
  • Net sales of 260 M€ in 2022
  • Founded in 1919, vision in 2080
  • Carbon neutral by 2028

Investing in the future

At Kiilto, we invest in the future every day by promoting occupational wellbeing, encouraging innovation and making our operations more and more sustainable.

Innovative and reliable partner​​​​​​​ for our customers

We have a curious and future-driven mindset, which has kept us transforming the old ways for generations. Continuous renewal has made us a trusted and ever-evolving partner for our customers.

“As the world around us is changing at an accelerated pace, we need to find new ways to develop and reinvent our business.”

Ville Solja, CBDO

We aim for environmental leadership

Our ambitious environmental goals are integrated in our everyday decision-making. Our Promise to the Environment has fundamental impacts on all our actions and choices.

“Innovations that reduce the burden on the environment not only create new products, they also give the whole industry an opportunity to develop sustainably.”

Raija Polvinen, RDI Director

Everyone has a role in developing Kiilto

At Kiilto everyone can, and is encouraged to, make a difference. Creating the future is a huge task, which can be achieved only together, with everyone on board.

“I believe my work with Kiilto’s packaging and raw materials makes a difference in terms of the environment.”

Vilma-Lotta Moisio, Head of Purchasing

Multi-sector innovator

Kiilto Family Group consists of four companies:

Kiilto Family Oy

The Kiilto Family Group’s parent company

KiiltoClean Group

Professional hygiene, and consumer goods

Long-term success and stable growth

Kiilto has been ranked among the most successful companies and the biggest growers in Finland in Kauppalehti’s 2020 listing. The result applies to the entire Kiilto Family Group.

Over the past three years, Kiilto has been one of the two per cent of limited liability companies in Finland that have increased their annual turnover by more than 10 percentage points faster than the average for their main industry category. In 2020, Kiilto’s net sales grew by 32 percent. 

At Kiilto growth is not a momentary sprint. Proof of the long-term success is Kiilto’s position in Kauppalehti’s success rating, both among all Finnish companies and among the best companies in its own industry for the last ten years. Companies that have achieved a combination of growth and longer-term success in recent years only include less than 1 percent in Finland. 

Kiilto’s growth is the result of courage, desire and ability to renew

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