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If you are looking for high-class solutions for professional hygiene, the answer in Kiilto Pro. When choosing Kiilto Pro you get, not only quality products, but also the best industry professionals to support your business. We are close to our customers. Co-operation with us is easy, safe and responsible and always takes into consideration the environmental perspectives. High-level education and technical customer service ensure the functionality of our solutions. Our product development team reacts quickly to new challenges and innovative solutions also ensure the best customer experience. From professionals to professionals.


Foodservice companies must ensure food safety and good food quality. Kiilto helps you to manage cleanliness in an easy way from start to finish. Our offering goes beyond products: we support our customers with services, digital tools and our know-how. ​We also offer Nordic Ecolabelled products and products from Kiilto Pro Natura range that are made of plant-based raw materials.​

Food Industry

In food industry our customers need to be 100% sure about the hygiene and safety. We provide integrated solutions for industrial process washing and cleaning in various industries. Long-term relations and co-operation is our way of doing things. Environmental aspects are in core of our business and we want to help also our customer to reach their environmental goals by providing solutions made of responsibly sourced materials and packaged in recyclable packaging.

Health care

In health care hygiene is vitally important. Clean and healthy hands is the foundation of health care and cleanliness of tools and surfaces is an integral part of safe health care. We support health care, businesses and people with high quality, innovative and sustainable solutions for cleanliness to save lives and increase wellbeing. We mark our products with allergy label when ever possible and also always strive for environmentally friendly solutions.

Professional Cleaning

Clean spaces are safe and user-friendly and a sign of determined and professional work. Cleanliness consists of the right choices of detergent, cleaning machine and equipment. As a leader in the field of cleanliness we provide our customers comprehensive solutions with products, service and expertise. For environmentally friendly cleaning we offer you our own Natura-series, made of biodegradable and renewable raw materials.

Technology Industry

We provide efficient solutions to each sector like machinery-, chemical- and pharmaceutical industry, steel, paper- and sawmills, maintenance and repair. In addition, we also consider the personal hygiene perspective in all the sectors. One of our priorities is the environment. We want to help our customers to make sustainable choices by providing effective solutions made from responsibly sourced materials and packaged in recyclable packaging.

Hand hygiene habits today – the era of the New Normal

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