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Meet the Kiiltonians

Kiiltonians are a multi-skilled, versatile group of professionals, with different kind of backgrounds and strengths. We operate within four different business areas: construction, industrial adhesives and fireproofing, professional hygiene and consumer goods. Job functions at Kiilto vary from RDI to production, marketing to sales, purchasing to logistics, legal to customer support and finance to exports, just to name a few.

What’s it like to be a Kiiltonian and work at Kiilto? We have around 800 stories from 9 different countries to tell: here are a few of them. Nice to meet you!

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Meet Katariina, Marketing Specialist, Finland

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Lilli Puntti

Head of Product Safety and Sustainability

I’ve been working at Kiilto
for over 16 years.

The best thing about my work is
that every day is different and we have a good team spirit in RDI.

The most needed skills in my work
are a good memory and the ability to manage entities.

I get inspired by nature.

Meet the Kiiltonians: Christopher Mills, Head of Innovation

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Henrik Nohed

Purchasing Manager

The best things about my work are committed and capable colleagues, fast pace business environment and big international stakeholder network.

The most needed skills in my job are listening/processing information and ability to get things done.

I get inspired by long-term thinking, such as environmental commitments, and investments in people’s wellbeing and development – both very visible areas within Kiilto, and big reasons for me wanting to join the company.

Meet the Kiiltonians: Peter Forsberg / Örnsköldsvik, Sweden

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Kiiltonians on a mission for a more sustainable world

Our Promise to the Environment is something that affects strongly our everyday lives at Kiilto. It’s also something that Kiiltonians are particularly proud of: being on a mission and taking action for a more sustainably world. Check out the stories below to find out how Kiiltonians feel Our Promise to the Environment can be seen in their work.

Juha Mikkonen
Key Account Manager

“Shared values are a key element for cooperation with the customers. Our portfolio includes green options, which lays the groundwork for a better discussion. I take professional pride in our innovative and bold, forward-looking approach in environmental matters.”

Tomi Peltonen
RDI Manager

“I’m involved in directing a team focused on green material selections. Our goal is to double our use of renewable, plant-based raw materials. We are continuously involved in numerous product development tests.”

Stories from the beginning of career paths

We offer plenty of opportunities for people who are in the early phases of their career paths via summer jobs, internships or thesis work. We see these two-way learning experiences valuable, and in many cases we’ve had the pleasure of continuing the journey together even further. Read the stories from Jonna, Kasper, Valtteri and Matias below about their experiences.

Jonna Hakala

“I truly believe that the experiences I’ve gained from my summer job will be useful to me in the future. Export is important to Finland, and even scratching the surface of the process will be useful to me going forward. In addition, every job teaches new aspects of work in its own way.”

Kasper Arvad

“I find Kiilto passionate, friendly and overall amazing. It’s a great workplace and the people there are extremely nice. I learned a lot about work practices and teamwork. The myth that older employees want to do things like they’ve always been done is definitely not true – especially not at Kiilto in Assens.”

Valtteri Stenroos

“The best aspects of my work have been my varied tasks and pleasant working environment. In my experience, Kiilto is a diverse and motivational workplace which develops its staff. My time at Kiilto strengthens my belief that I can play a strong role in shaping my own career through hard work, initiative and diligence.”

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