A solid partner of corporate customers since 1919

We have streamlined our diverse range of expert services for corporate customers.  The most visible symbol of change is our new logo — the Kiilto Pro logo makes our products and services for companies easily identifiable.

Understanding the everyday lives of professional customers and providing the best solutions for challenging environments is a core activity. With our solutions, we help professionals to serve their own customers better than ever. We are closely involved in the everyday work of professionals in three sectors: construction, industrial adhesive solutions and professional hygiene. We are a strong and innovative expert partner that understands local conditions. We are driven by the aim to be an environmental pioneer whose expertise lies in building new success stories.


Our extensive training for professionals is a key part of what we do. Kiilto Professional Academy trains more than 4,000 construction professionals a year in Finland, such as designers, contractors and installers. Several of our courses are accepted as supplementary training for RALA certification.


A pre-demolition asbestos and harmful substances analysis is important to managing indoor air, occupational safety, work planning and costs. We can help you to identify possible harmful substances on construction sites by providing corporate customers with asbestos and harmful-substance analysis services.


Our design services help to ensure safe choices from project design to maintenance. We have taken note of construction life cycle objectives in our design materials, so that designers can easily select the right materials and solutions at the start of projects.


Cost-effectiveness and solution focus when Skanska and Kiilto collaborate

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