Hand Hygiene

Hand hygiene is the leading measure for preventing the spread of antimicrobial resistance and reducing healthcare-associated infections (HAIs).

Hand wash

In frequent use, it is important to wash hands with mild but efficient products. We offer several soaps for hand washing, both scented and unscented. The products have been developed for professional use, ideally suited for the hand hygiene requirements of healthcare. ​

Our options developed for healthcare are typically unperfumed and suitable for sensitive skin. Nordic Ecolabel also shows that our products are environmentally sustainable.​

Hand disinfection​

Our solid R&D expertise and consideration of regulations and EN standards ensure that we offer hand disinfection products developed and tested to the latest healthcare needs. ​

The process always involves clients as well as external experts, such as dermatologists, e.g., as part of a professional panel monitoring the Allergy label.​

Creams and lotions​

In a work environment where hands are frequently washed and disinfected, it is also important to pay attention to the condition of the skin. ​

Creams and lotions can prevent and decrease skin dryness that happens from cleaning your hands several times a day. Healthy skin is the best protection against pathogens.​

Dosing solutions

We offer a variety of dispensing solutions for hand hygiene needs in health care, including options both for low- and high-traffic areas. We pay special attention to the ease-of-use of the dispensers and their simple maintenance. We also ensure that they work seamlessly with our hand hygiene products. ​

From our selection, you will find both manual and automatic options, from basic to premium quality dispensers.​