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Properly designed and constructed load-bearing wooden structures last from one generation to the next, even in demanding conditions. As our customer, you will get adhesive solutions optimised for your process, as well as a high-quality overall service for the production of load-bearing wooden structures.

The gluing of load-bearing wooden structures is one of the most demanding forms of wood gluing. The structures are designed to last for decades. This means that also the adhesive included in the structure must withstand the varying strain due to seasonal changes.

Our formaldehyde-free products help you achieve a high-quality result. Our testing service and technical support allow us to develop demanding gluing processes even further.

Examples of our adhesive solutions

Adhesives for finger jointing

Finger joints of structural timber must be strong and durable. Excess squeeze should be avoided so that any subsequent planing goes smoothly and no wood is wasted.

Adhesives for face lamination

In face lamination, the adhesive must function reliably in all conditions, regardless of changes in the heat or humidity of the production environment. Due to the large size of the areas to be glued, optimising the application amount of adhesive is essential in order to avoid compromising on gluing quality.

Adhesives for CLT structures

As the demand for CLT elements grows, it is also important to stay at the forefront of development in terms of gluing quality and the efficiency of gluing processes. By choosing the right adhesive, you can also affect the work steps that follow gluing by minimising the need to remove excess adhesive that has passed through the flat surface, for example.

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