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In the food industry, safety is paramount. As our partner, you can be confident that our solutions will always meet the standards required by the food industry.

The primary function of packaging is to protect the product from the environment and vice versa. Product safety can only be ensured if a product is reliably packaged. Successful design results in packaging that promotes sales and makes the packaging process more efficient.

For example, gluing the side of a cardboard case is one of the most time-consuming work stages, meaning that a good choice of adhesive will bring significant benefits. With our individual solutions, our customers can be sure that the packaging is safe and efficient, and minimises the environmental impact of the gluing.

Examples of our adhesive solutions

Adhesives for labels

The glueing of labels on beverage packaging, and glass and PET bottles in particular, requires that the adhesive has good wet grip and resistance to water condensation.

Adhesives for paper bags

Food packaging often includes paper. Food wrapping paper and various paper bags, for example, require certain properties from the adhesive. It is also important that the chosen adhesive solution is approved for food packaging use.

Adhesives for cardboard packaging

Adhesives often have an invisible yet very important role in the product packaging so that foodstuffs are delivered safely to the end user. At the same time, the adhesive solution must fulfil the requirements of an efficient production line.

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