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Services for construction

Kiilto services for construction professionals

We package and tailor our services to meet your needs. We are a reliable partner in construction processes, providing comprehensive solutions for a range of applications and problems. Services availability varies depending on market area.

Expert services

Training – Kiilto Professional Academy

Up-to-date information and further training from a building materials expert. 

We help our customers develop their services and operations – which is why we offer training to support construction professionals working with Kiilto products. The training is customised to the needs of the target group, and is available both in person and online.

Technical support for professionals

When it comes to choosing the right products, the right work methods or any other aspects of the job, help is just a phone call away. 

For questions from construction professionals, support is available directly from Kiilto by phone throughout the construction project. Our technical specialists can help you with the right working conditions and working methods, as well as by explaining the properties of our products.

Guidance on site

The right working methods for a higher-quality final result on a construction site. 

Take advantage of the building material manufacturer’s expertise in the correct use of products and best practices on site. We will come to the site to provide hands-on guidance on the use of our products, helping to ensure high-quality results.

Document bank

Documents for construction projects easily downloadable from one place.

All documents for design, construction, product selection and spatial use in one place. Take a detailed look at Kiilto’s solutions and compare the options. Use ready-made documents as attachments to plans and documentation. The document bank serves the entire life cycle of a construction project.

On site services

Floor screed pumping service

Overall control from the factory to the construction site. 

We offer a complete service from the specification of the optimal flooring solution, floor levelling compound manufactured in our own factory, to delivery and pumping to the area of use. This ensures you get just the right amount of the right material, when and how you need it. 

Floor levelling height planning service

Floor level design service for efficiency and dependability of results. 

Precisely designed compatibility between different parts of the building and the fixed height points within them significantly reduces the likelihood of unforeseen situations that typically lead to poorer results, higher costs and delays in schedules.

Tensile strength testing

Verification of the strength of the substrate relative to the floor or wall load. 

The testing service provides the customer with verified information on the adequate strength of the substrate relative to the loads imposed by the levelling material, waterproofing membrane, coating and operating stress, especially in renovation projects. The testing service is suitable both for quality control and for resolving any complaints that may arise.

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