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Food safety and quality of the food needs to be ensured and cleanliness is an essential part of this. Kiilto has a strong expertise in kitchen hygiene and the solutions for food service are developed in and for the Nordics.

Cleanliness is an essential part of food hygiene

As experts of cleanliness, we offer a comprehensive solution for professional kitchens, helping you manage cleanliness from start to finish. Professional kitchens need to ensure food safety and quality and cleanliness is an essential part of this.

To us, ensuring food safety includes protecting the health of your customers as well as the environment. We won’t settle for just meeting the regulatory demands, but we strive to exceed them.

Nordic expertise​ for sustainable hygiene

When our customers face challenging situations, we solve them together. Our solutions for foodservice are developed in and for the Nordics.

One of the innovations of our RDI is the Kiilto Pro Natura product range. Kiilto Pro Natura -products are made of plant-based, renewable and quickly biodegradable ingredients. This means that they quickly break down into carbon dioxide and water and do not form persistent compounds that would be harmful for the nature. In development of the Natura products the whole life cycle has been considered: raw materials, production, use, disposal, and recycling.

High requirements are set not only on environmental friendliness but also on safety and quality. All Natura products eligible for the Nordic Swan Ecolabel certification have received it. The Nordic Swan Ecolabel has strong criteria, but Natura series is a step further: all Natura products are fragrance-free. Most of them also carry the Allergy label of the Finnish Allergy, Skin and Asthma Federation.

Environmental responsibility is built into our processes and culture, the way we think and evaluate our actions.The drive for continuous improvement shows in our efforts to use more environmentally friendly raw materials, to engage more in the circular economy, and to use energy efficiently. You can read more in  Our Promise to the Environment

Taking care of the environment, one step at a time

By concentrating on matters of the greatest effect on the environment, we can make a difference. Remember that every action, no matter how small, contributes to the well-being of our planet. By adopting these eco-friendly habits, you become an essential part of the global movement towards a sustainable and thriving Earth.

How to take care of the environment while managing cleanliness:

  • Sustainable consumption decreases the climate impact – remember to follow the dosing instructions to avoid over-consumption of detergents.
  • Choose a product that has proven to be less harmful for the environment. You can do this by favouring products that have been rewarded with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel.
  • Pay attention to the consumption of water.
  • Recycle empty detergent packaging so the material can be re-used.


​Ensuring the correct use of products and methods is an important safety aspect in a professional kitchen. We provide different kinds of training for our customers – from training and familiarization of our products to more specialized training on hygiene.

Products for Foodservice

Hand hygiene is a part of quality food preparation

Good personal hygiene is always important to remember when handling food. Hands should be washed frequently enough with soap. Protective gloves can also be worn when necessary, but they must be replaced often enough and always when switching between work phases.

Hand hygiene in professional kitchens

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Hygienic surfaces and floors

The hygiene of the kitchen surfaces is vital in ensuring the safety of the food prepared in professional kitchens. DThis includes thorough disinfection between different food preparations, ensuring correct use of kitchenware, proper dishwashing procedures, and a comprehensive adherence to HACCP principles, which systematically identify and control critical points to ensure food safety throughout the production process.

Mind your workstation and your tools. Take personal responsibility of making the kitchen and food being prepared in there safe for everyone by caring for both personal and surface hygiene.

Hygiene of kitchen appliances

When kitchen appliances are kept clean, they function better and for a longer time. Whether it’s limestone deposit removal or the cleanliness of beverage appliances, we’ve got a comprehensive product and service range to help you out.

Spotless dishes

The cleanliness of dishes is an essential part of customer experience and it affects the way customers perceive the general level of hygiene. We assist you in achieving spotless end results with not only effective products, but the right dosing, a clean dishwasher and a good level of personal hygiene as well.

Our local technical service helps to ensure the smooth operation of machine dishwashing process. They also provide help when the kitchen evolves and you need to introduce new solutions, in the most cost-effective way.

How to choose the best products for machine dishwashing

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Solid detergents and safety packages

As another demonstration of the efforts of our RDI are the Kiilto Pro Block and Kiilto Pro Box systems. They have been meticulously crafted to elevate the dish washing experience, offering enhanced convenience, precision, safety, and environmental responsibility.

The highly concentrated formula of solid detergents, the Kiilto Pro Block -system, has a positive environmental impact through reduced packaging and transport. The system comes with auto dosing equipment, installed by technical experts that Kiilto has trained.

On the other hand, the closed loop system combined with safety packages of Kiilto Pro Box -system protect the user from any direct contact with undiluted chemicals. The closed dispensing system improves occupational safety in the kitchen facilities.

Inviting public areas

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Inviting customer premises

When the public areas of the restaurant are inviting, customers can focus on enjoying the delicious food and welcoming atmosphere. ​Inviting public areas are clean and fresh, contributing to the wellbeing of both customers and staff alike.

Ensuring the hygiene level with self-monitoring

Self-monitoring helps to reach the best practices by guiding to choose the appropriate and situation-specific cleaning methods and detergents.

Critical points

Surfaces that are in direct contact with food are critical in order to ensure food safety. If the result is not satisfactory, the critical points can be identified and if necessary, corrective actions can be started immediately.

How to test surfaces?

Samples are collected from clean, dry surfaces and from the same point, always using the same method. There are different options for self-monitoring, such as Hygicult TPC or luminometry, i.e. so-called ATP meter. Hygicult TPC shows the total number of bacteria, whereas the ATP meter measures the amount of soil.

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