Foodservice companies must ensure food safety and good food quality. Kiilto helps you to manage cleanliness in an easy way from start to finish. Our offering goes beyond products: we support our customers with services, digital tools and our know-how. ​We also offer Nordic Ecolabelled products and products from Kiilto Natura range that are made of plant-based raw materials.​

Cleanliness is an essential part of food hygiene

As experts of cleanliness, we offer a comprehensive solution for professional kitchens. Professional kitchens need to ensure food safety and quality food and cleanliness is an essential part of this. We help you manage cleanliness from start to finish.

Nordic expertise​

When our customers face challenging situations, we solve these situations together with our customers. Our Cleanliness and Hygiene Specialists, Solutions and Category Managers as well as R&D are available for help.

As a leader in the field of cleanliness, we provide a comprehensive solution in foodservice. We have a strong expertise in kitchen hygiene and our solutions for food service are developed in and for the Nordics.

We partner-up with our food service customers: we are committed to open, long-term and cooperative customer relationships.

Close to you​

Kiilto’s cooperation with our customers starts with our Cleanliness and Hygiene Specialists. Our specialists work together with you to assess the needs in each location and to choose the best solutions for your needs. Our specialists provide face-to-face visits and e-visits.​

Technical experts and training

Our local technical service helps to ensure the smooth operation of machine dishwashing process. They also provide help when the kitchen evolves and you need to introduce new solutions, in the most cost-effective way.​

​Ensuring the correct use of products and methods is an important safety aspect in a professional kitchen. We provide different kinds of training for our customers: from training and familiarization of our products to more specialized training on hygiene.

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Environmental leadership

Our promise to the environment

The desire to be the environmental leader in our field of business guides our actions and results in Our Promise to the Environment. It is a part of our culture, the way we think and evaluate our actions. The promise is divided into four sectors that cover all our operations from every-day routines to innovations and from strategy to helping our customers in the field.

Environmental responsibility is built into our processes. The drive for continuous improvement shows in our efforts to use more environmentally friendly raw materials, to engage more in the circular economy, and to use energy efficiently.

A comprehensive solution for foodservice