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Advantages of pump levelling

Do you know the benefits of pump levelling? Pump levelling is used to efficiently create an even and durable base for the floor surface material.

A flat floor ready for coating – quickly, effortlessly and reliably

When using a pumpable floor screed, the floor is made by pumping a self-levelling compound into the space to be levelled. It quickly forms the base for applying the final surface material of the floor.

Reduces waste load on site

Delivering the pumpable floor screed directly from Kiilto’s factory to the construction site by tanker reduces the waste load on site. Larger projects may require up to hundreds of thousands of kilograms of floor screed. If the same amount of floor screed were to be delivered in ordinary packages, it would amount to tens of thousands of smaller bags or several hundred big bags.

Low-alkali screeds help prevent indoor air problems

The low-alkali levelled surface also protects the floor adhesive and plastic coating from damage caused by alkaline moisture in the concrete. Both Kiilto’s own research and other industry research have proven the protective effect of a five-millimetre screed layer. By making carefully considered decisions that are made to last, we can ensure a healthy and sustainable life cycle for the space in question. After all, the most sustainable solutions are also the most cost-effective, both in terms of the building stock and our health. Once the foundations are in order, the end users of the facilities can enjoy the building, in safety and without worries.

A controlled and cost-effective project with Kiilto

Kiilto’s pump levelling services offer several additional advantages that directly benefit the customer. You will receive floor as a complete, controlled service solution. Our expertise in both working methods and chemistry is reflected in both the cost-effectiveness of the project and how we manage different variables.

More reasons why pump levelling is an excellent choice:

  • Less concrete casting speeds up drying and saves time
  • Quickly creates a level and durable base for installing the surface material of the floor
  • A flexible an durable choice for levelling also for large height differences in the subfloor
  • Suitable for a wide range of different applications