SUPER Theme: Productive

Projects and initiatives within the SUPER Ecosystem that increase efficiency and productivity in the construction industry through digital and sustainable processes

Digital and sustainable construction processes reinvigorating the construction industry

Areas of interest:

  • Circular material flows and work streams at a local level
  • Energy-efficient wet rooms with a low CO2 footprint
  • Smart sensor systems
  • Digital traceability – Digital Product Passports (DPPs)

Digital traceability – Digital Product Passports (DPPs)

True sustainability depends on all actors within the value chain being transparent and honest about their products and production methods. This openness allows for easier options when it comes to, for example, reuse, repair, as well as maintenance. However, this information may be difficult to come by on its own, and may require external expertise in the case of specialised products or equipments.

As part of broader European initiatives and trends to encourage transparency in production through digital solutions, Digital Product Passports (DPPs) will contain the necessary information about the product, its producers, and other useful information such as where replacement parts can be sourced from, or how to maintain it for it to have the longest possible useful lifetime. Additionally, it will incorporate data from environmental product declarations (EPDs) about how sustainable the product is, in terms of life-cycle emissions, thus allowing consumers and businesses to make more sustainable choices, and giving the producers an objective metric according to which their products may obtain a competitive advantage.


Eeva Kaataja, Head of Product Management (CON)

– “Embracing digitalisation to drive innovation for a sustainable construction sector”