Personal hygiene

Good personal hygiene protects patients, healthcare workers and thus prevents the spread of infections.

Hand wash and disinfection​

Washing and disinfecting hands is crucial to avoid infection spreading. Our hand wash products are developed for conditions where hands are stressed to water multiple times a day. Professional hand disinfectants have all passed EN 1500 hygienic hand disinfectant standard, and have minimum EN 14476 against enveloped viruses, e.g. corona and seasonal influenza viruses. ​

Many of the products are developed to be used in healthcare settings where more efficient products are needed against difficult microbes, e.g. norovirus. In product development, special attention has been paid to moisturizing balance to avoid dryness of hands.

Skin wash and disinfection

Our solutions for washing and disinfecting the skin cover regular body washes as well as skin treatments before surgical procedures. Ethanol-based, easy-to-use disinfectants are intended for small and large surgical operations. ​

Skin disinfectants have been tested in accordance with EN 12791 surgical hand sanitizer to demonstrate microbiological reduction of the skin flora.​

Skin and face care​

Healthy skin protects from pathogens. Our versatile assortment of lotions, moisturizers, basic and fatty creams covers needs for different seasons as well as for different skin types. They follow cosmetic regulation, and mandatory safety assessment has been carried out for all of them to ensure they are suitable for use in a healthcare setting. ​

Our options developed for healthcare are typically unperfumed and suitable for sensitive skin. Nordic Ecolabel also shows that our products are environmentally sustainable.​

Hair wash​

Our hair wash products developed for professional use are ideal for staff changing rooms and facilities where visitors and patients spend long periods of time. ​

Shampoos help to gently cleanse and refreshen the hair, while conditioners moisturize after washing and prevent electrification.​