Right products have a direct impact on the optimization of the production processes in machinery. Quality cutting fluids and parts cleaning products with the Swan label are included in the solution from Kiilto.

Cutting fluids

High quality metalworking fluid has a direct impact on the optimization of the production process. The right machining fluid ensures the good quality of the end product, reduces the amount of production waste and improves safety at work.​ The Kiilto Pro high-quality fluids have the best lubrication and cooling properties. The fluids are part of fossil free production and are safe for the user and environment.​

Washing – Parts cleaning

Kiilto has high quality detergents for washing parts in metal industry to ensure the best result for the finishing. ​The right detergent ensures the good quality of the end product, reduces the amount of production waste and improves safety at work. Kiilto Pro  -products are safe for the user and for the environment and there are different products for spray washing machines​, ultrasonic washing​ and handwashing.

Washing – Surface cleaning​

Washing finishes the quality and cleanness of a piece, reduces the product’s corrosion risk and extends its service life. High quality detergents are needed to washing parts and surfaces in industry. The right detergent ensure the cleanliness where normal cleaning agents are not enough. Big amounts of oil and grease needs very effective detergents. Industrial detergents are strong solutions developed for professional use, capable of dealing with challenging dirt. Used according to the instructions, the detergents are also safe for the materials being washed.

Maintenance and repair with aerosols

Powerful and sufficient technical aerosols make assembly, installation and maintenance easier and faster. The Kiilto Pro -range includes cleaning, lubrication and specialty products. They have the best lubricants for maintenance and include all  the necessary special products for maintenance.​ The selection includes the most common technical aerosols for lubrication, cleaning and coating – from short-term lubrication to installation aids. Kiilto products ensure the uninterrupted functioning of machines. The quality of the products has been tested in demanding industrial applications. Regular and careful lubrication and cleaning are a part of chemical maintenance, which protects machines and surfaces and extends their service life. The range of cleaning products is extensive and diverse, including degreasing agents, electronics cleaning agents and glass cleaners.