Kiilto Pro Pure

Phosphorus-free Kiilto Pro Pure cleaning agents represent Kiilto's environmentally sound solutions for the food and process industries. Their starting point has been to find sustainable ways to achieve a high level of hygiene in a cost-effective manner.

Continuously evolving environmental solution for food industry

The Kiilto Pro Pure series serves our customers’, as well as our own, sustainability goals without compromising safety or quality. The core concept of a phosphorus-free formulation makes the series an environmentally better choice. Currently, the Kiilto Pro Pure series includes surface and circulation cleaning agents developed for the food and process industries.

For instance, if a food factory consumes ten containers of surface cleaning agent annually, using Kiilto Pro Pure product would result in discharging approximately 10-20 kilograms less phosphorus into wastewater compared to the previously used detergent, depending on the specific product.

The foam cleaning agents in the series effectively combat animal fat and protein-based residues while simultaneously brightening or removing discolorations and deposits from surfaces. The foam formed by the products adheres well to surfaces and is easy to rinse off. The pleasant fragrance of the surface cleaning agents has also garnered positive feedback from customers.

Our product development experts continually explore opportunities to expand the phosphorus-free product range. The goal is to create a comprehensive solution covering all typical chemical needs in the food industry. The latest addition to the series is the Kiilto Pro Pure CIP circulation cleaning agent.

A more environmentally sound alternative to soften water and improve cleaning results

In the selection of raw materials for detergents, various factors must be considered, ranging from efficiency and safety to environmental and cost impacts. Phosphonates, a form of phosphorus, are common in detergents due to their versatile properties for cleaning. They act as cleaning boosters, soften water, and protect the surface being washed. In surface cleaning within the food industry, for example, they enhance the solubility of mineral salts, thereby improving the cleaning of challenging inorganic residues, such as milk stone.

However, a challenge arises in the environmental impact after washing. When phosphoruses enter waters, they can contribute to eutrophication, accelerating the growth of algae and other plants. This can lead to oxygen depletion, harming aquatic ecosystems.

The amount of phosphorus derived from cleaning agents is relatively moderate compared to fertilizers. In Finland, phosphates are largely separated in wastewater treatment plants, but they complicate the treatment of wastewater. In the food industry, significant amounts of detergents are used, leading to the need to handle large quantities of phosphonates in wastewater treatment plants. For instance, if a food factory consumes ten containers of surface cleaning agent per year, using Kiilto Pro Pure product can result in discharging approximately 10-20 kilograms less phosphorus into wastewater compared to the previous detergent used.

Phosphorus-free detergents are one way in which food industry operators can reduce their environmental impact and, consequently, minimize their ecological footprint. In the Kiilto Pro Pure series, phosphonates are replaced with an environmentally friendly complexing, water-softening substance, eliminating the need for phosphorus.

Smart chemistry against market challenges

The composition of Kiilto Pro Pure products has been examined not only in terms of environmental impact but also considering challenges related to raw materials. Sharp price fluctuations and availability issues have created pressure to find new ways to maintain the required hygiene standards in the food industry. With Kiilto Pro Pure products, we can talk about smart chemistry; in addition to addressing environmental impacts, the series aims to meet the challenges that have affected the industry without compromising on Kiilto’s high-quality standards.

In addition to the effectiveness and sustainability of the products, their ease of use has received praise from our customers. Kiilto Pro Pure is a responsible choice also because the products in the series are developed and manufactured in Finland, close to our customers. Local production allows, among other things, tanker transport within Finland, significantly reducing emissions from the transportation of cleaning chemicals.

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