Washing of cleaning textiles

Regular washing of cleaning textiles is important to ensure good hygiene, efficiency, and longevity.

After each use, loose dirt is first removed from the microfibre cloths, mops, and other cleaning tools used for cleaning. Dirt is efficiently and dust-free removed from mops using a mop cleaning machine connected to a vacuum cleaner. This prevents dirt and dust from spreading into the breathable indoor air.

Choose a textile detergent suitable for microfibre

Microfibre textiles must be washed separately from other laundry. If necessary, a laundry bag can be used to sort textiles coming from different locations or departments. Please also note that mops and cleaning cloths should be washed separately. To ensure a good cleaning result, unfold each cloth before washing.

For washing cleaning textiles, choose a suitable liquid or powder detergent. Do not use fabric softeners or bleach when washing microfibre.

For washing microfibre textiles, Kiilto Pro Green Textile and Kiilto Pro BioColor Textile detergents are suitable. You can find all textile detergents for professional use here.

Washing temperature for cleaning textiles

The washing temperature for cleaning textiles ranges between 60-95 °C. Microfibre cloths can withstand approximately 300 washes at 60 °C, depending on the product, but they can also be washed at higher temperatures. Detergent should be dosed at half the normal amount, depending on the textile detergent used. The washing machine should be filled to 2/3 of its capacity with cleaning textiles. Textiles can be hygienically washed even at 40 °C when using the Kiilto Pro Oxy Wash booster. When using the booster, dose the laundry detergent at half the recommended amount.

You can find all washing machines and tumble dryers for professional use here.

The washing machine also handles the pre-treatment of cleaning textiles

A washing machine or washing machine can also be used for the pre-treatment of cleaning textiles. Add the cleaning or care product to the rinse aid compartment of the washing machine. Alternatively, dosing can be managed through an automatic dosing pump connected to the washing machine. Suitable products for pre-treatment include Kiilto Pro Vieno general cleaner or Kiilto Pro Illusia 10 cleaning and care product. The correct dosage is calculated based on the amount of water used in the machine’s final rinse. Adjust the spin level to achieve the desired moisture level, either damp or slightly moist. Once the wash cycle is complete, the cleaning textiles are ready for immediate use.

Maintenance of the washing machine

To ensure clean cleaning textiles, it is important to also take care of the daily maintenance of the washing machine.

  1. Wipe the machine’s exterior surfaces with a microfibre cloth.
  2. Clean the machine’s seals and door.
  3. Empty and clean the lint filter.
  4. Ensure the wash drum is clean.
  5. Clean the detergent drawer.
  6. Use the machine’s hygiene wash program, if it is available and necessary.