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The future is being created today. At Kiilto, we invest in the future every day by promoting the occupational wellbeing of our employees, encouraging innovation and making our operations more sustainable. We are guided by the desire to be an environmental leader, using our expertise to create success stories for our customers. We are local, innovative and insightful.

Our expertise lies in four business areas: construction, industrial adhesives and fireproofing, professional hygiene and consumer goods.

What’s it like to work at Kiilto?

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At Kiilto everyone is a part of the bigger picture

The four cornerstones of our company culture are: You can make a difference, The customer is King, Startup spirit since 1919 and Environmental leadership.

We take a long-term approach

Kiilto is over a hundred-year-old, family-owned company with a vision looking ahead to 2080. We want to be an environmental pioneer and have promised to make all of our company operations carbon-neutral by 2028.

We are looking ahead to the future

We are in a continuous process of reinventing and developing ourselves and becoming more international. We want to keep our staff’s skills and knowledge up to date and our gaze directed at the future. Our goal is that our personnel is inspired throughout their careers. We believe that the best work is the result of inspiration and a burning desire for self-development and product and service improvement. That’s why we invest in developing expertise on several fronts. 

We take care of employee wellbeing

We provide our employees with a range of opportunities to maintain their wellbeing through exercise sessions during breaks, fitness tests, hobbies and try-outs of sports. We ensure good ergonomics: we provide occupational physiotherapy in addition to modern tools and equipment.

Kiilto was Finland’s Most Active Workplace in 2018 and 2016

An employee exercise panel of the Finnish Olympic Committee has declared us the Most Active Workplace in Finland in 2018 and 2016. We’ve been systematically promoting wellbeing and physical activity amongst our staff for the last decade.

Long-term success and stable growth

Kiilto has been ranked among the most successful companies and the biggest growers in Finland in Kauppalehti’s 2020 listing. The result applies to the entire Kiilto Family Group.

Kiilto has earned the Strongest in Finland certificate as a sign of the company’s positive financial indicators, creditworthiness, track record and good payment behaviour. The certificate is a sign that the company’s operations are on a sustainable footing.

Kiilto’s growth is the result of courage, desire and ability to renew

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