Instrument Reprocessing

Medical instruments and items that come in contact with bodily fluids or feces need to be disinfected manually or with automated systems. Instrument reprocessing is intended to help you preserve the safety and well-being of patients and staff while maintaining quality, care and profitability. We provide CE-marked, well tested and easy to use detergents for reprocessing of instruments and utensils.

Pre-treatment of instruments

To ensure proper cleaning and disinfection result, drying of residue and fluids onto the instruments must be avoided. The aim of pre-treatment is to eliminate the growth of microbes and thereby prevent the spread of infections. When a pre-treatment agent is used as soon as possible after the operational procedure, the risk of infections is lowered.​

Prior to instrument cleaning, pre-treatment products keep the instrument surfaces moist, preventing dirt from drying on the surfaces. Easily applied pre-processing gels guarantee safe handling and better final cleaning result.​

Manual cleaning and disinfection of instruments

Manual cleaning is the physical removal of all visible residue from an object to make it safe for handling and further processing. Knowledge of the latest guidelines and standards in the industry combined with practical skills and well-tested chemicals ensure that reusable medical devices are safe to handle and use with patients.

Infection prevention and control goes hand in hand with reprocessing of medical devices in a healthcare setting. Improperly cleaned medical devices can cause infections. It is important to note that not all micro-organisms causes diseases; however, healthcare professionals must treat all contaminated instruments as potentially infectious.​

Automated instrument reprocessing systems

The majority of instrument cleaning is completed via automated systems, by using devices such as washer-disinfectors or ultrasonic cleaners. The detergents used must be suitable for a wide range of materials and guarantee a hygienic result. ​

Proper use of devices requires not only efficient detergents, but also knowledge of instrument reprocessing and its management. Kiilto trains its customers to become experts and achieve required hygiene standards with its high-quality detergents.

Automated and Manual Endoscopes Reprocessing Systems

Cleaning and disinfection of flexible endoscopes requires specialized reprocessing equipment and process-specific measures to ensure compliance with standards and guidelines. ​

We offer a complete solution for endoscope reprocessing, which includes high-quality detergents developed for the purpose as well as trainings on the correct process of endoscope reprocessing systems.​

Technical service​

Iso 15883 specifies general requirements for all the washer disinfectors and their accessories, intended to be used for cleaning and disinfection of re-usable medical devices. It also states performance requirements for cleaning and disinfection as well as for the accessories which are required to achieve the necessary performance. The methods and instrumentation required for validation, routine control, monitoring and re-validation, periodically and after essential repairs, are also described.​

Our technical experts help with performance qualification and guide our customers performance and routine control. We also offer technical design and implementation for setting up centralized dosing systems in instrument reprocessing facilities.​