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In the woodworking and furniture industries, process efficiency and safety are key competitive factors for our customers.

Continuous production development guarantees a competitive edge. Optimising the gluing process requires continuous development. For example, in veneering, only a 10-second reduction in the press time may significantly increase productivity on the annual level. Our innovations for high frequency presses, for example, can significantly reduce press times and increase productivity.

Indoor air quality and user safety are important factors in furniture production. Using an M1-certified adhesive has a significant impact on the overall emissions of the end product.

Examples of our adhesive solutions

Adhesives for veneering

In veneering, the adhesive should not stain or pass through the material, regardless of the wood type or veneer thickness. The same adhesives should also be suitable for gluing various laminates. Our latest veneering solutions are based on an extremely fast and non-staining chemical.

Adhesives for glued boards

Pine is the most typical choice for glued boards used in furniture and stairs. Our latest D3-class adhesives are pH-optimised, which eliminates the typical discoloration of the adhesive bond caused by pine resins. As the manufacturing processes of glued boards are becoming faster and more technical, we have also developed a product that is particularly suitable for high-frequency pressing and helps take productivity to a whole new level.

Adhesives for edge banding

The edge bands used in furniture are an important factor in each item’s quality. Edge banding adhesives must provide good bond strength with various materials, so that banding can be run effectively even as customer-specific material choices are becoming increasingly popular.

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