Floor polish removal and polishing

The purpose of polish is to protect the floor material from wear and dirt caused by use. Floor stripping and re-polishing are done when the old polish has worn off the floor surface or when a lot of dirt has accumulated on the surface. Kiilto Pro polishes are suitable for basic and spot polishing of all polished floor surfaces.

Polish removal from floors

Before re-polishing the floor, it is important to thoroughly remove all previous polish from the surfaces. Removal of floor polish requires a polish remover suitable for the floor material, a single disc machine, and a wet vacuum. In large areas, a scrubber dryer can also be used for applying the polish remover and rinsing. Use a black or brown pad for removing the polish.

Always choose the polish remover according to the floor material. Our selection includes Kiilto Pro Linoli for linoleum floors. For floors resistant to alkali, Kiilto Pro Remo Green or Kiilto Pro Base Total, which is developed for removing accumulated and difficult-to-remove polish, are suitable. In very difficult cases, the polish removal treatment may need to be repeated several times.

Floor polishing

For polishing, you need polish suitable for the floor material and a polishing mop for applying the polish. When choosing a polish, also pay attention to the desired gloss level and ensure the polish is suitable for the application area. The Finnish Kiilto Pro Silk floor polish range is designed to withstand heavy use. The chemical resistance of Silk polishes is also excellent, allowing them to withstand, for example, splashes of hand sanitizer.

Matte and satin polishes

Matte and satin polishes

Ensure that the floor surface is thoroughly dried before applying new polish. Usually, two layers of polish are needed. The drying time for a single layer of polish depends on the conditions. If the air is very humid, the drying time can be significantly longer.