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We understand the needs of Finnish consumers

In Kiilto’s cleanliness and hygiene consumer business, our goal is to develop, manufacture and market reliable products designed for Finnish consumers and their needs. As a Finnish company we know the Finnish conditions and requirements for our products. Our extensive range includes dish washing, household, laundry and personal hygiene products under four different brands.

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Kiilto household cleaning

At Kiilto we believe that every home is different, and cleaning should be simple and stress-free. Our 100 % biodegradable household cleaning products are manufactured in Finland using plant-based ingredients. We want to offer an easier, more environmentally friendly option for cleaning the surfaces of your home. Naturally clean, without a big show.

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Erisan is a versatile and fragrance free product line for sensitive skin, which includes a comprehensive selection of products for skin care, hair care and laundry care.

Erisan products are developed and manufactured to suit Finnish skin. In our selection you will find high-quality products for different needs and skin types. Our allergy labeled and fragrance free products guarantee space for genuine fragrances.

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Serto laundry detergents are designed for Finns and their needs and laundry requirements, and to be as gentle as possible to Finnish water. Effective Serto products are made in Finland and offer products that are specially designed for all kinds of clothes and textiles.

Versatile product family offers both liquid laundry detergents as well as powders, fabric softeners and laundry vinegars.

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Linna – over 50 years of Linna shampoo

Linna childcare products were used in nursing at the Children’s Castle hospital (the cradle of Finnish child healthcare), paediatric nurse training, and care for premature babies. Linna Shampoo was developed in cooperation with the Children’s Castle hospital in 1962. Mild and gentle composition were the keywords even then: the new product’s pH was close to that of tears, in order to be gentle to the eyes. In the early 1960s, this led to Linna Shampoo’s caring product pledge “Washes without tears”.

Even then, Linna’s selling points were the good experiences of professionals at the Children’s Castle, product safety and domestic production. Gentle Linna shampoo, Finland’s most popular brand by the 1980s, also became a hit among adults. By the time Linna Shampoo turned 25, it had been passed from mother to daughter, baby to grandfather – everyone in Finland knew the product. Today, all Linna products are manufactured at Kiilto’s factory in Turku, Finland.


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