Daily cleaning of a dishwasher

A properly cleaned dishwasher ensures sparkling clean dishes.

In commercial kitchens, dishwashers are cleaned on a daily basis using an all-purpose cleaner such as Kiilto Forte developed for professional kitchens. A suitable cleaning method is selected depending on the rate of use, washing programmes and dishwasher model. Read the dishwasher instructions before use and follow the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions.

Below you can read the general instructions for the daily cleaning of dishwashers irrespective of the model.

  1. Prepare a portion of Kiilto Forte solution according to the dosage instructions.
  2. Switch off the power and empty the water from the machine.
  3. Remove the filters, washing and overflow tubes and possible curtains.
  4. Use the solution to clean the interior surfaces and removed parts of the dishwasher. Rinse with running water.
  5. Leave the doors open while drying.
  6. Wipe the external surfaces of the dishwasher with a cloth moistened with the solution.
  7. Make sure that the dish washing area is also otherwise clean. Wash the surrounding floors daily and clean all counters in accordance with the kitchen cleaning plan.

Before using the dishwasher, make sure that the machine is clean and the removed parts are in place. Make sure that there is enough detergent and rinse aid. The daily cleaning of dishwashers becomes easier if you remove loose dirt, prewash the dishes and utensils with lukewarm water and place them correctly into the basket.

The dishwasher water can be changed in the middle of a work day, even more than once if necessary. If the amount of dirt becomes too large, the machine will not be able to clean the dishes. Improve your ergonomics, for example, by using a long-handled brush when cleaning the dishwasher.