Hygiene in fitness centres

In fitness centres, gyms, indoor parks, and other sports facilities, hygiene is essential for safe exercise and a positive customer experience. During opening hours, it's also advisable to remind customers about hand hygiene and the cleaning of equipment and devices after use.

In our guidelines, you will find information about the cleanliness of gyms, sports centres, and other exercise facilities, including cleaning locker rooms, cleaning equipment and surfaces, preventing odours, and maintaining personal hygiene for both customers and staff.

For more detailed product recommendations, see the printable work instructions that you can display for the staff’s reference.

Clean the gym’s touch surfaces daily

The surfaces, that are frequently touched by customers and staff, should be wiped daily with all-purpose cleaner and a microfiber cloth. These surfaces include for example:

  • Sports equipment and devices
  • Door handles and frames
  • Payment terminals
  • Login devices
  • Customer-used furniture

Tip! Encourage customers to wipe equipment and devices after use. An easy way to promote better hygiene is to provide disposable wipes moistened with a general-purpose cleaner and instruct customers to use them.

Although ready-to-use cleaning agents are quick and easy, using cleaning concentrates has numerous advantages. When dosage instructions are followed, a cleaner end result can be achieved, better occupational safety can be ensured, economic savings can be attained, and environmental impact can also be reduced. Ensure that you prepare the solution in clean bottles with clean hands. For more instructions on preparing and storing the solution, refer to the accompanying instructions.

In addition to touch surfaces, regular cleaning of other surfaces and floors is part of the daily cleaning of fitness centres. For these surfaces, you can use an all-purpose cleaner. You can find instructions for cleaning different floor materials, such as rubber floor, in our floor care section.

Cleaning of the gym’s sanitary facilities, shower areas and locker rooms

The cleanliness of locker rooms, shower areas, and sanitary facilities is crucial for the comfort of using sports facilities. Touch surfaces are also emphasized in the cleaning of these spaces. In addition, it is important to ensure the availability of hygiene supplies (toilet paper, disposable hand paper towels, cleansing agents).

Please also take care of the cleanliness of washbasins, toilet seats, and showers regularly. This prevents the spread of microbes and the formation of deposits in these areas. You can find more detailed product recommendations and instructions in our downloadable guide.

Getting rid of unpleasant odours

The smell of sweat can easily cling to sports equipment and gear. With a Kiilto Pro Odor Stop treatment, you can eliminate and prevent unpleasant odours in sports facilities. Offering visitors Kiilto Pro Air Freshener is also encouraged for a more pleasant experience at the gym.

Personal hygiene at a gym

Hand disinfectants and soaps provided for handwashing generally enhance the safety of the facilities for both customers and staff. Products for body and hair washing in the shower facilities improve visitors’ customer experience.

Tip! Encourage customers to practice good hand hygiene by placing hand sanitizer dispensers near entrances, at reception desks, in changing rooms, and along popular routes.

Gym etiquette – remember these hygiene guidelines as a fitness centre customer

Are you wondering about gym hygiene from a customer’s perspective? Every user can contribute to a clean and safe workout environment. Keep these hygiene-related rules in mind:

  • Come in clean sportswear and avoid excessive, strong fragrances.
  • Use footwear intended for sports facilities and follow any guidelines regarding their use.
  • Maintain good hand hygiene. Wash your hands as you come and go and use hand sanitizer as needed.
  • Bring your own gym towel to wipe away sweat from equipment surfaces. If the gym instructs using provided cleaning wipes for equipment, use them.
  • Return equipment to its designated place after use.
  • Also, ensure the regular cleaning of your personal items, such as water bottles, phones, and headphones.

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