For easy and efficient surface disinfection

Disinfectant washing is an effective means of destroying pathogens on frequently touched surfaces. The Easydes product family offers easy, fast and efficient surface hygiene and the solutions are suitable for various purposes.

Surface hygiene is highly important in the fight to prevent various viruses and bacteria from transmitting from one person to another through surface contact. Attention should be paid to critical contact surfaces such as medical equipment, elevator buttons, chairs, cash registers, table surfaces and door handles.

Made and developed by Finnish Kiilto, Easydes is an ethanol-based surface disinfectant that eliminates the need for separate cleaning and disinfection – they can both be done at the same time. Easydes effectively removes grease and visible stains, leaving a high-quality finish as well as killing pathogens. Easydes is suitable for all alcohol-resistant materials, including plastics. The products are not recommended for lacquered surfaces. Remember to use biocidal products safely. Always read the label and product information before use, and refer to the user safety data sheet.

Choose the product according to purpose

Easydes product range includes different package sizes and it’s recommendable to choose the product according to the intended purpose.

Easydes Spray: A ready-to-use, fast-acting surface disinfectant with good washing properties. For all alcohol-resistant materials, such as contact surfaces and equipment.

Easydes in 500 ml bottle and 5 L canister: is suitable for contact surfaces and ideal for surface disinfection of medical devices and equipment. Surfaces do not usually need to be prewashed or rinsed.

One System Basic: A disposable disinfectant wipes pack for use in rooms where a high level of hygiene is required. Also suitable hygiene solution for disinfection in big offices och spaces with a lot of people. The towels are usable for 28 days after filling.

Easydes disinfectant wipes: Ready-to-use and fast-acting disinfectant wipes for all alcohol-resistant surfaces that are critical for infection control. Also suitable for non-invasive medical devices.

In addition to the Easydes wipes pack of 16, a new, larger pack size of 30 wipes was launched this autumn. The wipes in both Easydes Wipes packs are lint-free and are suitable for ensuring convenient surface hygiene on all alcohol-resistant surfaces.