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The purpose of the filter is to improve purity. During use, the filters have to withstand demanding conditions and stress from various sources. Kiilto's adhesives are the result of determined product development and collaboration with industry operators.

The filter industry improves the purity of air and liquids. A particularly high level of air purity is required from demanding environments such as cleanrooms, which are utilised by e.g. the healthcare sector and pharmaceutical industry.

Liquids used in motors and various technical equipment call for especially high-quality filter solutions.

Fixed and varying stressful environmental conditions, such as extreme temperatures, pressure or exposure to chemicals, require state-of-the-art adhesive solutions.

Examples of our adhesive solutions

Adhesives for filter assembly

Particularly during filter assembly, the bonding speed and spreadability of the adhesive must meet the needs of the process. Our polyurethane adhesives can be quickly customised to achieve an optimal solution for the process.

Adhesives for air filter pleating

Our selection of adhesives for filter pleating includes fast, elastic, foam-building and heat-resistant solutions. The adhesive is selected based on the filter type and manufacturing processes. Our goal is always an indiscernible, durable end result.

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