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Services for professional hygiene

Kiilto services for hygiene professionals

We take pride in crafting tailored solutions to perfectly match your needs. As your trusted partner in maintaining hygiene standards, we offer comprehensive services to address a multitude of applications and issues. Please note that service availability may vary depending on your location. Your peace of mind is of the utmost importance to us.

Digital services

Our digital professional hygiene services offer simple, cost-effective solutions to ensure your customers remain safe and satisfied. With intuitive interfaces and real-time monitoring, these tools simplify hygiene management for professionals, promising efficiency and peace of mind.

In addition to these, we offer a digital Infocenter. The Infocenter is a digital tool for customers whose cleaning sites and industries vary. The solution is tailored to ensure safe and responsible operations. It is possible to create several different, target-specific, and customized plans within the Infocenter. This provides up-to-date information accessible to every employee, with clear work instructions and instructional videos on how to use equipment and materials correctly. Plans can be accessed from anywhere.

Technical services

Our on-site technical services offer hands-on solutions for professionals facing challenges with for example dosing of detergents or removing limestone deposits. Our experienced technicians visit your premises to assess, troubleshoot, and resolve these issues efficiently.

Expert services

Kiilto’s expert services encompass a wide range of specialties aimed at enhancing safety, efficiency, and quality across various aspects of hygiene. From chemical management to sustainability initiatives, from logistical optimization to regulatory compliance, expert services play a pivotal role in addressing the diverse needs of modern enterprises.

Kiilto experts are happy to help you with

  • compiling a chemical catalog.
  • chemical safety consultation.
  • putting together a customized product selection book.
  • self-monitoring service for textile washing processes.
  • developing a hygiene and cleaning plan.
  • floor maintenance recommendations.
  • route planning for scrubber-drier operations.
  • other technical expert consultations.

Educational services

In the pursuit of impeccable hygiene standards, knowledge and expertise are paramount. Our professional hygiene training services offer a comprehensive suite of resources designed to equip your personnel with the skills and insights needed to excel in hygiene management. From tailored lectures to expert assessments, our offerings are meticulously curated to address the unique needs of each client.

Our educational services include expert assessment visits, where our experts conduct thorough assessment visits to evaluate various aspects of hygiene management. This includes scrutinizing the placement and sufficiency of hand hygiene products, ensuring proper storage and usage of cleaning equipment, and advising on appropriate product selections for different areas. These assessments provide invaluable insights into areas for improvement and optimization.

In addition we provide training about topics like chemical laws, hand hygiene, wet room cleaning, surface materials, safe usage of detergents and ergonomic use of cleaning machines. Also, a tailored lecture for your specific needs is always an option.

Hygiene tests

In addition to consulting, educating and serving you digitally or in your premises, we’re happy to help you with different hygiene tests, especially in the food service, healthcare and food industry sectors. These tests include inspection measurements of machine dishwashers, instrument washing machines and rinsing machines, surface hygiene sampling service, and water analyses.

Interested to hear more? Our experts are here to help you!

Our experts are here to serve you locally. As a Nordic partner, we know the Nordic conditions and requirements. We strive to assist you in achieving the desired level of hygiene by offering complete solutions, including products and services, always tailored to your specific needs. Contact a local expert to learn more.